3 Wheel Giraffe

I was looking at the specials on unicycle.com and saw the three wheel giraffe.
Am I mistaken or can you take of the bottom wheel and convert it into a two wheeler. Because if you look closely you will see that the consecutive frames attach to the bearings on the wheels and at the bottom there is just a regular bearing holder. So in theory you could buy two of the giraffes and add three more wheels? Or even take two wheels off and have a regular one wheel unicycle. OR put a different frame on top? I’m seriously thinking about getting one so I’m just considering all the possibilities that could be pulled out of this awesome looking unicycle. Thanks for your input.

You can buy extension kits that allow you to add a wheel, like this: http://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-wheel-extention-kit.html/
I suspect that the three wheel giraffe is made using a unicycle and two extension kits.

have you email UDC yet to ask your question?