3 Unicycles for sale 36" road 26"muni 19" Trials plus spare parts

I have 3 well loved unicycles for sale a custom made 19" street \trials, a Kris Holm 26" Muni and a unicycle.com trainer 36" road unicycle plus i have a load of spare parts

with the 19" trials has a nimbus dominator rim a montys eagle claw tyre a kris holm moment ISIS hub with Kris holm Momen t 125mm ISIS cranks a nimbus equinox frame with 190mm seatpost tube and a impact namoi saddle

SOLD - the kris holm 26" Muni is factory condition but i did notice on the hub and cranks a number “#127” im unsure what this means

with the 36" road unicycle its not in great condition most the spokes are loose and the saddle needs changing as some of the bolts just spin i cant undo them or tighten them up but it should be just about rideable if you want to get used to a 36er

with regards to the spare parts it wouldn’t let me upload the images of them but i have a giraffe frame sprockets and chain tensioners a couple of seatposts a impact namoi saddle as well as some 40mm bearings 2 different stands and some kris holm rollo disks i think thats what there called they go on kris holm cranks

im not sure what this is all worth ive owned them for over 10years and im open to sensible offers id rather they were collected

for more information please DM me or reply to this


SOLD- SOLD-! 20210319_135807|666x500

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these are the spare parts i have

Pm for 19"

I’v messaged you regarding the KH 26"

if you haven’t left EU I would get the 26" :frowning:

you can blame the UK government for that one then

International relationships and politics are always just annoying for us common folks. Anyways, I think shipping will be too expensive.

yer ive just looked into shipping within the uk for someone else and it could cost upto £36.60 could be a little less if i could get the right size box to ship internationally i dont even want to think about how much that would be

I would have loved to give the 26 a new home but yep, shipping to EU might be a killer nowadays. And with all the travel restrictions it’s not like we’ll visit friends in the UK in the near future. :sleepy: :cry:

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its a bit of a pisser really cause i have a lot of interest but very little interest from the uk and like you said shipping is too expensive

I’m out for the same reason. No more interested in the 19"

KH26 Muni Sold!

I was debating if I should ask for shipping about parts (thinking that UK and FR are close) but then I started doubting with the shipping non-senses…

Or is the shipping crazy only on large items?

if you could message me with what parts your interested in and can look into postage cost if that helps

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@Cedar_Dobson1 the 19" would be great one for starting out flatland

The 19" is truly a great unicycle it was originally a 19" Udc club trials orange I believe the only part that’s still original is the rim absolutely every other part has been upgraded if you would like a full list of every part please message me id be glad to help in anyway I can

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