3 ring Circus 2011 (Australia). Who wants to race?

Hi everyone,

Just putting out a feeler to people who might be interested in entering the 3 ring circus MTB race in Bundanoon (Southern highlands) on the 31st of July. I did it last year and it was great fun. Lots of lovely single track, some big climbs and many bikers to beat! Its 50km over 3 rings (loops) so you can do it as a team or solo. It is totally doable on 24 (might take a while), 26 or 29 or geared beast. If that doesn’t convince you, have a look at my write up of the event from last year to get an idea what it is all about.

All this, plus getting to hang out with your unicycling buddies in the forrest for a weekend for only $50!

I’ll be there- will you?


I’ll be there again with the kids. The 6km loop is easy so if people just want to ride that discuss it with Huw (the organiser). I know he’d love to see more unis out there.

I’d love to, but I’ve given up unicycling.

Maybe I’ll do it on a bike.

WOW incredible write up and photo’s. I’ll have to look into ‘financing’, but would love to! PS: Today is the 1st of April…:stuck_out_tongue:

I really really really want to do it but it conflicts with NAUCC, the US nationals which I’ll be at. Looks awesome. Hoping it doesn’t conflict with anything next year. . .

I’ll be there

Hi Mark
I’ve already entered and really excited. I’ll be there along with another mate.
Also doing another event the month before at Callala beach.
Look forward to seeing as many muniists as possible there.
Wonder if I just made up a word?

Awesome to hear Rob. I saw your article in the paper about your last event and wanted to get in touch with you about this one. The Callala beach race in Jervis looks like a lot of fun! I’ll double check if my dates are good and i’ll give it a crack if i can.


Recent rides

Was that the Capital punishment? Or the 12 hour enduro?
It would be great to see you at the Callala beach race.
I was reading one of your posts about using the cranks on the 125 setting.
I’ve got a KH 26 with a schlumpf muni hub on it with dual hole cranks on the150 setting, but I’m going to give it a try on the shorter settings. I’ll let you know how it goes.


It was the 12 hour enduro i’m pretty sure. Yeah, I am a huge fan of the shorter cranks. I’ve been running 125s on my 24" gmuni for ages now and love them. The gearing of 125s might be a bit tough on a 26" for some situations- I’ve been thinking of rebuilding my hub into a 26" and using 135s (and possibly a disc brake) in the future. By all means give it a shot- i’d like to hear what you think about it.

With the Callala race- did you get the ok from the race organisers before entering. Are you going to do the 50 or 100km option?


Guni crank length

Hi Rob,

When I had my schlumpf in my KH26er I rode 95% of the time with my pedals in the 125mm crank setting. It’s a whole new beast with shorter cranks, a heap quicker in low gear, and the cranks are still long enough that you can climb comfortably. In high gear is when you really rocket along, and combined with a brake you can ride offroad in high gear fine.

I did the whole Mongolia tour on that setup, and then switched my hub into my 36er for a bit of a change. If I was to get another guni, I would certainly make it a 26" with 125mm, or perhaps 137mm cranks if I was riding alot of technical offroad stuff. IMO, anything longer than 137mm is overkill for a 26" guni where you still want a beneficial, useful low gear.

Have fun experimenting with the shorter cranks, and riding in the 3 ring circus. Would love to get upto NSW for, but this year it isn’t possible.


Daniel :slight_smile:

As far as the organizers of the Callala race I noted on my entry form that I was entering as a unicycle and they did not say no.
Maybe I should try and source some 135’s as well.
I’m entering 50 km races at the moment to get a feel for it. Not sure if I’m up for a 100km race yet. Btw, How long did it take you to do the full fling? I was really impressed when I read you’d done it.
I really love the 26 with a schlumf. I still ride my 24 when I’m doing more hardcore downhill and I don’t want to risk damage.


Thanks for the encouragement Daniel.
Maybe you could come up for another race.


Hey Rob,
Its been really cool to see you guys hitting up the MTB racing scene too. The high land fling was pretty brutal, and definitely the longest muni ride i’ve ever done (at 113km). I finished in 8hrs, 41min and 17sec. I was riding fairly fast but definitely not at a race pace for the whole time (I just wanted to finish so i laid off the pace in the final section otherwise my legs would have exploded.) Riding at good race pace for 50km, though, is well and truly doable. I would have to be at a completely different level of fitness to keep that up for double that distance. I’m thinking about the 100km option at Callala. I might just send the organisers an email and check if they have cut off times. I have also been pretty lazy since the Karapoti classic and i’m not sure if I would have enough time up my sleeve for a proper preparation. I guess i’ll just wait to see if they are keen to have me do it.


Karapota classic

What was the Karapota classic like?
Also, what speed is “race pace” for you?
Just trying to work out how my fitness is going.


I’ve got a write up from the Karapoti here:

Race pace depends a lot on the terrain. For mixed fire road/ 4wd track and single track like the 3 ring circus I can sustain about 15km/hr. For really gnarly events like the Karapoti that drops to around 12/13km/hr.


That was a great write up.
I’ve been doing 2 to 3 days a week of hill repeats, and one long ride a week.
40-45 km with about 900m-1000m of climbing, so hopefully this will be enough to see me through. I may even keep up with you for the first 100 meters lol.
Will be doing my first attempt on hills with the 125’s early next week.


Rob that training regime sounds good- (better than mine atm :o) I just entered the 100k option at Callala so i guess that is going to have to change. I’m giving myself the easter long weekend off and then its back into full training after that. Let me know how the shorter cranks go on the G26"


I emailed them this morning and confirmed that its fine to enter as long as we complete the race in a reasonable time.


Hey Mark
Quick question.
What does your training consist of?