3 pallettes

I kinda jumped up 3 pallettes yesterday, but i just barely made it on, and when i did, my foot slipped its pedal and the uni went weeeeeee!!! and flew right out from under me.
anyway, i guess ill go try that again today, and maybe i won’t hurt myself!!:slight_smile:

When i first did 3 pallets (now i do 4+a cirb) i had the same thing happin to me but my uni hit car that was driving by (boy was the driver mad) but he laughed after he saw the uni.:smiley:

When i learned how to jump up 2 palletes i was soooo excited but now i learned how to jump up about 5 if i really really try but i need the seat out

Congrats on 3!

This is the best lesson in unicycling. Try, try again… and one day you’ll be landing 5 pallettes without even thinking about it… and you won’t even hurt the pallettes!

I’m pretty close to 5 pallets seat out too. I can do 4 good, but havent done 5 much.

I can do 5 rolling hop though, my rolling hop beats my SIF.