2nd Richmond Muni Weekend Vid/Pics and New HOW Video


here i have uploaded a video (6MB) from the footage i took and photos that i took during the 2nd Richmond Muni Weekend. Actually, the first 8 photos were taken several days before when Frank and I surveyed the area in preparation. it was great fun and i hope the other riders that attended will post details, favorite part, least favorite part, funny stories etc. etc.

Probably in the next couple days i will post a second video from phil’s (pdc) footage and maybe another with walt’s footage. i will post photos by these two as i recieve them.

the riders who attended include:

Trip (me)
Phil (pdc)
Nick Brazzi
James (siafredem, or something like that)
wolfgang (wogri)
Hunter (DK)

it was an excellent ride!

Also, I have uploaded a video made on Christmas Day (and the day before) when my brother and I rode around at a cool park near my grandmother’s house. Please excuse the lack of technical lines, this is more of a ‘goofing off’ video.

I will give you a few things to look for:

  1. I switch my hopping foot back and forth in the movie, i hop normal 4 times (i think) and the rest are goofy footed.
  2. 2 shots where John rides my uni with the seat lowered a great deal
  3. 3 shots where the rider falls (but the fall is cut out)
  4. 3 shots where the rider dabs with his hand but the hand is not in the frame
  5. 2 times where a line is conveniently cut up into seperately sections because the whole line was not completed in one try (just because a line is cut up doesnt mean that this is the case)

It is 6 MB and can be found here:


its called the HOW X-mas Video

Awesome video compilation. It was definitely a fun day.

Two accomplishments for myself over the course of the day:
1.) learning how to rubber from a crank grab.
2.) completing that tricky seesaw.

favorite part of the video: wolfgang singing while riding the coker, hah!

by the way, did anyone find a small adjustable wrench in the parking lot?

it was fun… i look like a dumbarse in those pics

Very cool videos Trip,

 I loved the X-mas video, even though like you said the lines were not that technical, but still its always fun to watch your stuff. The Richmond muni weekend looked like a blast... sometimes i wish i lived on the eastcoast:)

–Sabin A.

funny story…

weve got a crazy dog named phoebe. this dog is insane, literally, she jumps on people constantly and loves attention more than anything. so of course she was happy to see half a dozen new faces in her back yard. nick seemed to like phoebe quite a bit, and when he picked up a ball, phoebe seemed to take an interest. so nick hurled the ball with all his might, thinking that phoebe would love to fetch it. unfortunately the dog had already lost interest and ran away from him in the opposite direction. the defeat in nick’s face was the funniest thing i had ever seen.

i enjoyed the trials on the rocks out on the james river the most, even though it seemed to bore the non-trials-oriented riders.

my least favorite part was the fact that four riders we were expecting did not show up.

edit: thanks sabin. the park we were riding would be great for beginner riders and expert riders, but not moderately skilled riders. obviously the stuff we did did not take too much skill, but the only things that were harder were REALLY hard. there was an awesome natty line up a rock face that i was a bit too afraid to attempt. plus. john did not have his uni, and had to ride mine, so he was a bit impaired. it was just carefree, fun, lines.

First of all: Thanks John, Trip and Frank for hosting this show. Not only you are admireable riders, but also the organisation was really well done! This was my first unicycling meeting ever, and I was pretty amazed. I feel like having a lot of new friends after this day :slight_smile:

After I have graduated in May 2005, everyone of you is welcome to visit me in Austria and do some Muni in our Mountains!

I really liked the whole day, I couldn’t complain about anything but James not wearing protective gear :slight_smile:
The whole meeting gave me an amazing boost in motivation, I am really looking forward to do more seat-out, and learn to jump higher.

Also the pictures are very nice, and the editing of the video was not only fast but perfectly done!

HOW - Thank you so much. You made my day!


Great videos! THanks for sharing. Has anyone else noticed this huge increase in the number of videos being posted here in the last couple of weeks/month? Those posts fro mthe muni weekend looked fantastic! I thought there were plenty of quite technical lines in that second video of yours. Very nice stuff.


i too have noticed this, andrew. and even though it has only been about a week and a half, i have been surprised that you havent posted another one :wink: . anyways, i am in the process of working on another one right now, and i will put it up in about a week. it will be basically be a progress report of my switch foot experiment.

Thanks HOW. It was a great day. I’m still bitter that your see-saw apparatus defeated me. I would have gotten it if I hadn’t bashed my toe.

I also learned a valuable lesson about sprint racing on a coker. You really need to pick a race course with some extra area after the finish line to slow down and stop - especially if the course is slightly downhill. James and Frank on their 700c’s stopped right at the finish line, while I kept on flying out into the street. Cokers is all about momentum…

Looks mega dope, and good video.

Thanks guys for the food, ride and letting us ride your house. It was a lot of fun and I’d like to do it again. I realized how much i need to work on steeps and that i want a 24/26 muni! i wish more people would have come, but it was fun anyway.


I have been at the Woodford Folk Festival for a week…sorry. :slight_smile: We were doing epoxy seamless flooring at a school 10 minutes from my house yesterday and I spotted some beautiful lines…nice round rails, etc, etc. I don’t think I’m working on friday so I might check it out then.


Thanks so much HOW for sponsoring a great day of one wheeled fun. This was my first time getting together with a group (gaggle, flock, coven :thinking: ) of unicyclists. I’m thankful for the friendliness and hospitality you guys demonstrated.

You guys definitely are Hell on a Wheel, but once off the Wheel you were just the opposite. Thanks especially to the Glazer’s (including Mom & Dad) for opening up their home to all of us and treating us like family.

Walt - Thanks for the pizza and support to all of us. Keep on Ridin’

Trip, John and Frank - You guys are awesome riders and great hosts!

Nick - Thanks for letting me ride your Coker. (I freemounted :smiley: ) I’ve been wanting to try one ever since I knew they existed.

Hunter - It was a pleasure meeting you and your riding is coming along very well (you had the nerve to try things I just watched)

James - Another 5 minutes practice and you’d of been wheel walking that Coker across the parking lot. (crank to rubber :stuck_out_tongue: )

Wolfgang - You gliding maniac you. I hope I can ride as well in 3 years as you have done in 7 months. (dropped effortlessly off 9 pallets)

Wendy - Last but not least. Proof to the “Girlz that grind?” Thread that there actually are girl riders out there.

Thanks again to all of you for a great day of riding.