2nd Italian Unicycle Weekend, a short report

It was a fantastic convention. There were a lot more people than I’d expected there to be. Everybody was very friendly, the site was perfect, so was the weather (can we move the BUC to Italy for next year?), the t-shirts were a really satisfying shade of orange, and there was some impressive trials going on.

The first day was mostly taken up by a MUni ride, I took the easy course because my knees are all out of whack, and I didn’t have a (off-)road-worthy uni at the right height either, but it was good just to watch what was going on and absorb the views and the sunshine. Then we returned to the site, there was some chilling and messing around for a while, a meeting that I understood very little of, but it seems that there’s now an Italian Unicyling Association, of which I’m a member, I think. And then some more messing around.

The next day was the basketball tournament. I hadn’t played before, and I’d thought I’d just be impatient for the hockey to start, but it was really enjoyable. I’m not sure of who won on account of only knowing my team’s name. Meanwhile a trials course was being set up and ridden to pieces, and towards the end of the day there was some walking-globe trials going on, which is frightening even to watch.

My camera batteries went halfway through the convention so I haven’t got any photos of the basketball or trials, but I’ve put some photos of the first day up here for anyone who wants to see them: http://tinyurl.com/35lfs6


Beth, I’m in Italy! It’s joe, I was the guy who was very bad at unicycling, but spoke Italian at the BUC. How are you? Where are you in Italy? Can I join this mysterious Italian unicycling federation? Am currently living in Termoli and having quite a good time being an assistant. I have a lesson planned on unicycling and plan to brin the Ferrari in for it.

I am on facestalk if that makes responding any easier.

Hope you are well and ci sentiamo,


Hi all, and Ciao Beth!
I’m Nicola, the Vice-president of the “Associazione Italiana Monociclo”, founded during that weekend…:slight_smile: and I’ve organized the WMI and WMI2… And we’re preparing the WMI3 next spring…

Thank you Beth! Everything worked good, and with your presence we also had the international Guest Star!

Last year we didn’t play hockey cause only few italians can play hockey, and many italians can play basketball! (the year before we’ve arranged a hockey tournament). And this year we had many beginners, and I think that the hockey stick can be too dangerous with beginners… (also with advanced players, if you’read last issue of Uni Magazine…) :roll_eyes:

LOL, I didn’t remember too who won but… Who cares? :slight_smile:

LOL, you can do coasting and you’re scared by an easy rolling globe… Naaaah!

And… The PICTURES of the WMI2 are here:http://picasaweb.google.com/Giocologgi/WMI231083092007

I hope you all can enjoy the VIDEO of the Weekend!
It can be found here:
first part
second part

And… The website of the “mysterious Italian unicycling federation” is here:

JOE, if you want to meet italian unicyclists go on thant website! Or mail me at giocologgi@alice.it

I wait for feedback of the video!


Awesome video. Wish I was there. Maybe next time. Say hello to everyone.