29er worth a brake?

Hi all, I’m gonna get a 28/29er in the near future and I was wondering A) if it’s possible to put a brake (I’m thinking V, Maguras are a bit much for how often I’d use it) on to the Nimbus 28". I don’t know if the rim can be used for a brake or whatever. I know I’d have to have bosses welded on. And B) Is is worth getting a brake on one? I wanna use 110s I reckon, so I figure stopping at speed would be difficult in a rush with just leg power.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!


I’ve got a 700c that’s 28" because i normally ride with a high-pressure road tire or a cyclocross tire. I do not have brakes on it, but I DO ride with pedals with clips. I find that they make exerting stopping force easier and also help with steep uphills and downhills.

Going from high speed to a complete stop wether with or without a brake on a unicycle normally results in a UPD. brakes help mostly with long descents, and unless I’m very much mistaken (except for cokers) are not normally used for stopping. A 700c (in my experience) is large enough to go at a decent clip, but still small enough to be controllable

just my 2¢

The brake is not really for rush stops, but like hopeful said, long or steep descents. On the Coker, it is also useful for mounting and dismounting, holding onto stop signs, and the like.

I ride a Nimbus 28 inch (700c) on 110s for miles an miles and wouldn’t consider fitting a brake.

I suppose a brake would be useful if you were riding mile after mile down mountain tracks, or down really steep hills.

The beauty of a unicycle is its simplicity - the compromise involved in any choice of wheel, crank and tyre, and the technique and timing needed to get the best out of it. If you’re thinking of adding a brake, why not add another wheel, for stability, and maybe some sort of handlebar arrangement to facilitate steering? With such a stable platform, you could probably find somewhere to fit mudguards, a rack and panniers… even an engine… and a fairing to provide weather protection.

When a purist weighs in, it’s especially important to not let that be the last word in the conversation. :slight_smile:

Mike, I can appreciate your sentiment even if not the over-the-top technique for making your point. I wish you could spend a few miles riding down steeps with my post-op knees. Your view might shift a bit.

Thanks guys, that’s about all I needed to know! The motorcycle conversion would be intersting tho…