29er update (woe's me)

i had my 29er together and running for the last week but do to a compatability problem between the Profile cranx and the Prototype hub its just not right.

i just took the whole wheel apart today.

this has been a long project,about a year almost since the thought crossed my mind and its only fitting that once i get the thing together,i have to tear it apart again right…?

the full story with more pic’s is due sometime in the next couple of weeks.

full wheel1.jpg

Bummer. The first wheel I built I thought the spokes were the wrong size and tore it all apart. It turned out they were the right size after all.

On another wheel I started lacing, spokes prepped and all, and discovered the rim was a 32 holer instead of 36.

On yet another wheel I thought the rim was the wrong size and tore it down before tensioning; it turned out the label was wrong instead. In fact they use the same label for all the sizes and so most of the rims read incorrectly.

When I finally get a wheel built, it seems to turn out ok, but sometimes it’s a long road to the final product!

Bummer doood…

You going to spring for a Profile hub for it now??


yeah most likely.its to bad i was really looking forward to riding this SH prototype hub.

i just hope my spokes work,they are butted DT’s and i paid a buck for each of them.hopefully i can rebuild a new hub without any problems.its going to be an extra challenge since im not going to peel off my 5 dollar roll of Velox rim strip,im gonna need to bend’em a bit,since the nipples cant move out beyond the rim for lacing.

Hey jagur,

I’ve peeled off and re-applied Velox rim strips before. They remain tacky enough to stick again. If you have any doubt, just use some electrical tape to hold it where it overlaps at the end. Velox is the only rim strip I use. I’ve had way too many flats from the crappy strips that come stock on bikes.