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Hello everyone. My 29er tire has had it. Time for a new one. I haven’t shopped for unicycle stuff in 4 or 5 years, so I’m not sure what people are riding these days.

My current tire is a 29x2.35 Hans Dampf that I’ve used for light muni and road riding. I think it’s a pretty balanced tire that does everything fairly well. I was thinking about buying another one, but it has been redesigned to be heavier with more aggressive tread. I’m looking for something light that rolls fast, so this redesign is the opposite of what I want.

I used to ride a Maxxis Ardent, which is also a good tire. I may go back to that if there is nothing new that is better. unicycle.com is selling a 29x2.6" tire, but I don’t think it’ll fit in my old 2010 model Nimbus frame. Does anyone have any tire recommendations for roughly 29x2.4" size?

Have you had a look at this famous thread:

Granted, there are more than 400 replies, and it’s old so some tires don’t exist anymore, but the last couple of pages should give you leads.
I think the Maxxis Ardent is still out there among the popular unicycle tires.
I got myself a Surly ExtraTerrestrial and at 2.5", it’s a nice all rounder. It’s happy on the road and it can take a pretty high pressure. It’s also good on trails and light muni as its rather thick sidewalls are able to handle low and very low pressure. And yet the weight is reasonable.

I didn’t get on with the Ardent 2.4", much preferring the rounder profile of the Hans Dampf.
The newer (and lighter) Ardent Exo looks like a nice option though.

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I also didn’t like the Ardent when I tried it a few years ago. In the Maxxis lineup, the Rekon and the Forekaster are comparable tires, which I like much more. They are good trail tires, the Rekon better in the dry, the Forekaster better in the wet. If you want faster rolling tires, Ardent Race or Ikon might be good options.

Thanks for all the recommendations. I made a list of tires that looked interesting and went to the bike shop. The only tire they had that was on my list was the Maxxis Ikon, so that’s what is on my unicycle now.

I’m used to bigger more aggressive tires, which makes the Ikon look really narrow with tiny tread. These days I don’t use my 29er for technical muni, and I ride at fairly high tire pressure. I am hoping the small tread and thin sidewalls will be good enough for the kind of riding I do. I wonder how long it will last. It seems like it might wear out quickly.

I rode it around for a few minutes. My first impression is good. It is fast and not very affected by road crown, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ll take it on a longer ride tomorrow. There’s a sandy section on my usual ride that I have to navigate carefully. I hope it’s still rideable with the smaller tire.

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Hi all,
Looking for a 29er tyre for a friend.

I have a Maxxis hookworm 29 x 2.5 and it’s great but seems to be not really possible to buy in Australia atm.
I’ve tried the Schwalbe Big Apple and I have camber issues with it and my friend feels it too.

Need to know what she can use on her uni… for use on paved pathways and on quiet streets.

Search Amazon or E-Bay. Maybe there is a product you need on Alibaba. They deliver, in principle, all over the world, I think there will be no problems.

I ended up buying this, WTB Slick 2.2 Comp Tire, 29-Inch

Someone recommended it.

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Disappointing that a tyre with a model name of “Slick” isn’t actually slick! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was this thread: Holy camber sensitivity batman! - #11 by thorofareken