29er Muni

Still for sale. Let’s get this thing into a new home! :slight_smile:


Someone buy this! Killian needs money to buy himself a nice Flansberrium unicycle frame :roll_eyes:

Don’t worry Jaco, I’ve got your money ;). However, selling this thing will definitely help with the cost of my new Fatty build.

Maybe you could donate it for a tax wright off… :stuck_out_tongue:
What wheel/tire combo are you building?

Thought I would note that the couple of rides this thing has had on it amount to about 10 miles total. Like I said, it’s practically new, so let’s get it to a good home!


10 miles seams a little short to decide you don’t like it.

I don’t hate it, just didn’t fit my riding style. I’ve moved on to a 36er for muni. 10 miles told me plenty.

Is the velocity rim 24mm wide? What is the widest tire you think would fit the rim/frame combo?

Yes, the Velocity rim is 24mm wide. If you wanted to go tubeless, the 2.1 that I have on there is the absolute widest I’d go. If you were running it tubed, you could fit a 2.35 on there. I’ve seen people run Knards on this rim, which I’d advise against :roll_eyes: , but that gives you some idea on how they handle the width, granted that was on a bike.

Fair enough. I guess it sometimes takes a while to love it but only a moment to hate it.


It’s Hump Day…

Still for sale.


hey killian,
could you say how this compares in weight and ride quality to a stock kh 29 please?


I just weighed the uni and it comes in at a hair under 13.5 lbs. UDC lists the KH at a touch over 12.5 lbs. but it’s spec’d without a brake. Between your brake, line, lever, and mounts, I’d bet they are nearly the same (the Oracle that comes spec’d with a brake is listed at 14 lbs.).

I’d say that considering it has a steel frame, the weight of this uni is pretty impressive.

I’ve not ridden a KH off road before, so as far as ride quality I can’t say too much in comparison. Bike riders like to say steel frames feel better than aluminum. On a unicycle, I don’t notice a difference. However, I think it’d be much harder to break a steel frame, and I’d put this uni’s wheel up against any wheel that KH or Nimbus offer, since I’m the one who built it.

With the lower profile tire, you won’t be able to run the super low pressures you could with the 2.5" tire that KH’s have, but you definitely gain some agility and speed with the narrower/shorter wheel. I really liked how this uni climbed.


Still for sale.