29er Muni

Up on the block today, is my recently built 29er Muni.

I had an itch to build a sister uni for my 700c road rig, and kind of built this one on a whim. It’s a great ride, but just not for me. The low profile tire isn’t the best for 3ft. drops :). For XC though, this would be an excellent ride. It’s pretty light weight, and climbs very well.


Nimbus II Muni frame (illusion blue color)
Velocity Dyad rim
Spirit Cranks 165/137
TRP Spyre brake with Kool-stop pads
Avid dialed lever
Maxxis Ignitor tire (I’ll throw in a Bontrager that I have for it as well)
Atom Lab GI pedals
KH Street saddle

I’ll also throw in a spare tube, and a tubeless kit if you want. Tubeless works, but you have to run it right at 40 psi if you do any type of drops.

There is one scratch in the seat post clamp which I’ve shown in the pictures.

I’ve got 3 rides on it so this thing is almost brandme new. I’ve got about 850 into it. I’m asking 700. I’m pretty firm on the price but shoot me an offer. The worst I can do is say is “Hey-all Nah!”.


Some one needs to scoop this one up. It deserves some love!



Is your break disk inside or outside of your frame. I have seen them both ways and I’m not sure on yours

Looks like external to me. You ca see in the bottom picture and it is on the right.

Yep, it’s external. Sprit cranks with a TRP brake.


dose that ever chatch your pant leg? can you send a front veiw photo?

The rotor won’t catch your pant leg. It’s small enough that your pant’s wouldn’t even be in that area, but even with a bigger rotor you should be fine.


Somebody should buy this uni its sweet. I rode it around for a minute and if I had the $ I’d get it. :smiley:

Yes they should :).

This is a sweet ride if you’re into XC riding. It flies up hills.

Bump. Let’s get this thing sold to someone who is going to use it! Price drop to $650. Open to offers.

I’ve gotta ask 'cos it’s driving me nuts…what the heck are those “things” hanging on the wall??

probably branding irons.


Have you not heard of the Spanish Inquisition?

(wait for it…

Okay I’ll bite…

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition.


$650 and you pay the shipping to 99653


I’ll go $650 if you pay shipping to 99653

Pmd about the shipping.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!