29er MUni

I talked my roommate into following me on his bike with a camera. He did a pretty awesome job holding it but still pretty shaky at some parts. We might try some homemade helmet-cam experiments next. This is my first vid so let me know what you think:


and yeah, I need longer shorts, lol.

Man, you are hauling on that 29’er! The river ride is a cool looking trail.
Kentucky Uni … Yeah!

Yay !! Some more 29’er MUni :slight_smile: Great to see some more MUni on a 29’er, would love to see more…

Yeah, I’m usually trying to keep up with my mtb friends. I haven’t converted any of them yet but I’m working on it.

@ Johnny: Agreed, 29er on some fast singletrack is a blast!

You really were shifting! I have trouble keeping up a head of steam on my 29er, I guess I worry about UPD’ing in some tricky spots. Had a couple of nasty bumps which probably don’t help.

I did a bit on my 29er for charity down a hill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awj8kn0z77M

Was scary enough at my pace, but there are a few really steep bits.

Keep on muni’ing, it’s great to see!

Nice vid.

Have you tried any smaller cranks on that trail? A lot of it looks flat enough, and smalled cranks can add a whole new challenge and level of fun into things where 29er muni is concerned, and then you’ll be going even faster too!

Wow you are fast.

Neat video
Great song too…love cake

You were really flying along.
Is it possible to attatch a camera like that to a helmet somehow?

I have the moment 125/150’s on there but have only done 125’s on the road and 150’s on the trail. I’ve been thinking about giving the 125’s a shot on the trail. I’d say there are enough sharp hills, and some big long ones, to make the longer cranks worthwhile (hard to bike one-handed, so not shown much in the vid) but maybe I’ll surprise myself. The speed difference on flats would be awesome though if it’s anything like on pavement.

Its a cannon point and shoot that we used. Not sure if anyone makes something for that, but some contraption with duct tape and foam or rubber seams pretty feasible. Anyone have experience with that?

:slight_smile: :sunglasses:

or ride

Fixed :sunglasses:

Oh, I uni’ed them

I meant Brandon (my roommate) had to keep both hands on his bike so he couldn’t film any during the more tech parts (unless we stopped, which we were kind of in a hurry to get around the park before dark). Once we get helmet-cam assembled though we can film some of the crazier sections, and some good bails too.