29er MUni with new 2.5 dissent tire

Just shot this earlier today, riding my kh 29er MUni, and testing out the new wtb “dissent” 29x2.5 dh tire. This baby really grips and absorbs impact really well! Much more “square” shape than the stout, so it’s a little harder to make smooth, effortless turns, at least on the hardpacked fireroads and paved surfaces. (Morty & a pretty hard bail at the end)

haha! That was really nice!
when you said “hard bail” i thought you meant when morty hit the table leg (was it a table?)

i liked the snake part the most
you should do a wildlife section:D
I bet it would be a total hit!

Yeah! … them there 29’ers are a ton-o-fun ain’t they???
Good to see you riding hard with reckless abandon!!!
I like that feline … love a clumsy cat. Get him a helmet.:smiley:
I have not ridden my 24" as much since my 29’er acquisition.
Happy 4th,

Haha, I guess Morty’s accidental head bop on the underside of the coffee table was worse than my fall! But that was also his first time with catnip, and he went totally bonkers, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I guess I’ve caught so many!

Thanks Sean. I’m in the same boat…my 24 has just been sitting there since I got my 29er, but I’ll still use it for more technical stuff, especially drops. the 29er rim is nice, but goes out of true quite easily with only moderate drops in the 3-4 foot range. In fact, mine already has a “flat” spot I need to get fixed! :frowning:

Awesome vid Terry! Snake part was cool :P.

That quick stop was really impressive. The fear of falling off backwards always makes me too nervous to apply my V-brake.

Thanks Ben. It’s always fun to find them on the trails, but not so fun for them if they get run over! So I always try to put them back into the brush whenever I encounter them.

Not sure if it would work as well with a v-brake, but it’s probably doable.