29er muni choices

ok i was playing with idea of buying a huni-rex

then unibokk got me thinking with this reply,
Or you could buy the Nimbus 29er with 89mm cranks

then i start looking on unicycle.uk.com and notice 2008 kris holm 29er on offer at £350

currently i have 24 kh muni and 36er nimbus,
for brakes i like to use magura hs33

is there much difference between new kh 29er and 2008 version, other than tyre and disc brake mounts ?

which tyre would you choose out of these two ?
WTB Dissent 29" x 2.5"

Maxxis Ardent 29" x 2.3"

First of all, wow, they really knocked back the price on that huni-rex. At that price they just might be worth trying out. OK over to the 2008 KH29

Looking at the unicycle in question I am not convinced it really is a 2008 KH29, more likely a 2008 KH29 frame with a mixture of newer parts.

It doesn’t say in the description but in the picture it looks like the 2009 saddle and 2011 seatpost. The pre 2009 freeride saddle is good but the 2009+ one is better, it’s worth throwing them an e-mial to clarify what you would get if you order the unicycle. The rest looks 2008 to me.

There are minor differences in the hub and rim but no major change to the current model.

The Moment cranks on the 2008 are heavier than the current Spirit cranks. Both crank styles are pretty bomb-proof and if you aren’t using a disk brake I would be perfectly happy with the dual hole Moments.

I haven’t ridden either of those tires so I can’t comment on which is better.

The KH is more of an off-road 29er though so not really that comparable to a Huni-rex. If you wanted a road setup it might make sense to go with a cheeper Nimbus, but they aren’t on sale and I have gone on tangents of want like this before, I know what you are going through. :wink:

the huni-rex was more of wow seems cheap for geared unicycle but after some thought seems a bit of a gimmick,

then i considered what riding i like most and its definitely muni and xc even take my 36er offroad but not with much success

£180 the cost of hunirex is alot of money towards a 29er

I really like the the twin hole cranks on the kh

Thanks for the info on the unicycle parts i will send them an email

Consult the 29" tire review thread. From what I’ve read and seen there and elsewhere, I’d get the Ardent.

reply form unicycle.uk.com

This unicycle with it’s current specification was released in 2008. Between 2008 and 2012 when the disc verisons where released the components changed. Seatpost slightly changed, along with the saddle covers. Pedals became plastic. Basically when this unicycle was replaced in 2012 it came with lots of “2011” bits… But with the model is still technically 2008 so we have to sell it as the 2008. To the well trained eye its a bit of a bargain. Hope this helps.