29er fans take a look

it looks like Kenda is making a couple of 29x2.1 tyres that are more aggressive than the WTB nanorapter if your looking for that in a 29er.its called the Klaw XT

http://www.kendausa.com/bicycle/mountain_bike.cfm?p=03 down the page a little.

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Have you ever seen a 29" tire that is relatively smooth treaded for road use but still large in cross section for cushiness?

Harper I assumed you used a Nanorapter on the blew shift ? the nano is real smooth on pavement. i posted this thread because there isnt very many aggressive 29er tyres out there. Irc also makes a slightly more aggressive 29er but the Kendas are the most dirt related ones ive seen yet.

Blew as in past tense of blow? Yes, I used the Nanoraptor and it is nice except for the center ridge which tends to orient itself perpindicular to the road crown. It’s big and cushy even when inflated to 65psig. The tread is unnecessary for what I want to do so if I could find one with a rounded (ridge-free) cross-section and less tread I would be a happy guy. Well, I’m a happy guy anyway.

ive havent seen a slick 29er tyre yet.maybe someday if the 29er bikes realy catch on.

maybe Maxxis will one day do a 29x2.5 Hookworm,they make a hookworm in 16" so maybe someday eh?

The Continental Top Touring 2000 (700c x 37c) tire is smaller in volume than the Nano but still has good cushion. It is much lighter and has a nice longer-wearing road tread with essentially no center ridge. The resulting cycle has much lower rotational inertia and is lighter for carrying up stairs, etc. It climbs hills more easily because of its reduced mass. Both go on the Sun CR18 rim.

Oooohhh, the 700x47 is even plumper.

I have an IRC Notos tire on my 29er and even though it doesn’t have a center ridge, it would like to climb toward the center of a crowned road too. In the dirt or flat pavement it’s OK. The crowned road thing is enough of a problem that I’ve been thinking about getting a Nanoraptor. Sounds like it might not be any better though.

The Kenda’s look kind of like the good 'ol Panaracer Smoke/Dart tires from the early days - supposedly the first front and rear specific tread mountain bike tires. I still use the Smoke/Dart combination on my Breezer mountain bike. Maybe I’ll give the Kenda tire a try. I suppose the front Kenda tire would be the better one to get?

Steve Howard

I’ve got a notos and haven’t noticed that. Are there front / rear specific versions or something, maybe mine is different. Also, I have off road pressure in mine, maybe you’ve got it pumped pretty hard? Lastly, you don’t have a normal narrow 700c tube in it do you, because that might do something funny to the shape?

anyway, what you all want is a
schwalbe big apple 60-622. Fit’s your 29" / 700c rim, is pretty much slick, absolutely fattest of the fat and looks like it doesn’t have a centre ridge.

Do you get schwalbe tyres in the US?

If not, you could order from a German bike shop (maybe ask in the german unicycle forum for advice on which shop)


Joe -

I usually have 35 psi in my Notos and I do have an actual 29" tube so that’s not the problem.

You’re right - I DO want one of those Schwalbe Big Apples. I’ll check with my local bike shop and see if they can get one. Does anyone know of a Schwalbe distributor in the U.S.?

Thanks for the info.

Steve Howard

Do tires spec’d as 28" nominal like this Big Apple 60-622 fit a 700c rim? I thought they were different bead diameters.

I use the Continental Top Touring 700x47 on my Telford. It’s a great tire, but it isn’t anywhere near as large as the true 29er tires. They won’t fit in my frame at all.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

622 is an iso number (the bead diameter in mm). 700c is 622mm bead diameter, so it fits.