29" Yuni

Got a 29" Yuni , the regular one , not the black from Unicycle.com.
Here are some details:
Rim: Sun CR18
Tire: Nanoraptor
Tube: came with one of those wierd valve kind, shrader I think
(had to get adapter)
Pedals : bmx pinned
cranks : 125 (i don’t know what kind they are)
seat : Miyata, I just converted it to air with dogbone and roach,
wow! it’s so comfortable, need to figure out how to install it into my couch. Hardest part of conversion was the fear factor due to all the stories I’ve read about. (and finding my tools)
The uni.com instructions were pretty good although not specific enuf. http://www.unicycle.com/faq8.asp?faqcatid=13

Ok now the good part - Riding it!

Mounting:is definitely strange compared to my 26" . Takes a bigger leap but I discovered If I start with my near pedal higher than what I’m used to,I go on with ease-not much roll back. The tire seems pretty aggressive for a street tire, makes sharp turns a little more difficult (and noisy) but may make it better for light trails.

Speed: it’s so fast, my riding buddies were struggling on their 24’s to stay with me. (They are better riders than me, I’m about level 1.5)

Control: more work to control compared to my 26 but each time I ride it I do better and better. Also I still need to play around with tire pressure.

Overall: I like it a lot, it may be a bit much to handle for my skill level but the challenge is what makes u improve. It would be very good for commuting. When I went from a 24 to a 26 , I barely noticed the difference, going from the 26 to the 29 is definitely a big change. Ok,thats my review if anyone has any specific questions let me know and I will try and answer. :slight_smile:

could you measure the Yuni 28’s seat tube lenth for me?

the 28inch Semcycle frames have a snubby little 4 inches of seat tube but i think Yuni’s have about 6 inches.

measure from the start of the seat tube at the crown to the top where the seat post goes in.


About 6 1/4"

thank you.

Your welcome! I’d be interested in what u end up building. Are you going to use it on trails much? Also what kind of wheel, rim and cranks are u planning on?

could you measure your fork arms too, please?

i also have a yuni frame on my trails unicycle it is really good for tricks with one foot and it is very strong

fork arms, from bottom of bearing holders to top - underneath of crown is 15". Add an inch for the crown. Bottom of bearing holders is pretty much even with axle.