29 x 3.0 Road tire

I recently found a 29 x 3.0 road tire. I have a Hatchet 29+ and I rarely ride it off road. As such, I have been looking for a road tire which is a struggle with the crazy wide rim.

It arrives tomorrow. I will follow up with how it works incase someone else isn’t taking their Hatchet off road either.


Looks interesting, make and model?

(Wild guess: Innova)

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It is Innova. I can’t find a model name. I ordered it from Tracer bikes. Maybe something custom made for them? I have very little information.

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Interesting. I see they do them in 26x3.0 also!

Looking forward to your review I have looked at similar tires for my 26er as alternative to the duro wildlife.

The tire is on. I was not able to ride enough to develop much of an opinion. It is definitely a lot quieter than the Duro Crux which isn’t a surprise.
I love how it looks. Don’t look too close though as it is on backwards. I will worry about that later. I have a broken finger so removing tires is difficult at the moment. Also, I doubt the direction matters for anything but appearance.


How is the weight in comparison?

I have no idea. Both tires are huge so they both felt heavy. I don’t generally put much thought into tire weight as I find the tread makes a bigger difference. That being said, I have developed that opinion on bikes which may not translate directly to unicycles.

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@mindbalance If you want a 26x3.0+ whitewall there are a bunch of options.

The one here called the " Super Brick" (due to it’s pattern … though it is also heavy) rides well.

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