29" WHEEL ONLY for Nimbus Hatchet

Hey all,
Built up a Hatchet a few years ago with this 29" wheel custom built by the fine people at Unicycle.com, I found the 26" wheel to be more fun for me and when I found one here on the Forum, I permanently swapped them. Now I have no need for the 29"er.
All stock parts from unicycle.com and they did the build.
VCX+ triple hole cranks, Nimbus standard 36 hole hub, bearings, and pedals from someplace.
Finished with a Surly Dirt Wizard 29v3.0" tire. This wheel has VERY few miles on it. Better to go to a home where it will be ridden than hanging in the garage.
Total cost for the wheel build was likely 500+ with the tire. Selling for $420, including shipping to the US only.
Will attempt to add some pics.

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