29" Uni, GB4 Frame, KH Rim, UDC hub/cranks

$320 Built this up several years ago and no longer ride this particular Uni. GB4 Frame, UDC hub, 150mm cranks. WTB ExiWolf Tire, 29x2.3. Nimbus gel saddle. Fooker platform pedals. Will ship in lower 48, buyer to pay shipping.

Would this be a good option for Muni? Let me know if it is available for shipping to Los Angeles. Thank you!

I’ve used it for light Muni, it doesn’t have isis/splined cranks so that would be the weak spot in the system. The wheel itself and frame are all plenty strong for MUni. If you plan to do trail riding and aren’t looking for something to do drops/super technical Muni then it will work great. The frame does not have brake mounts for a rim brake, just FYI. I’ll measure box and weigh it today and see what the shipping rate is to LA. Thanks for your interest.

@AllMeatPatty $95 is cheapest shipping option to LA.

If you want it i’ll do $380 shipped

$95 to ship USPS or $105 USPS

I’ll do $380 shipped if you’re interested, I can box it up and get it out today, 7 days to you.

Let me know, PayPal or Venmo works for me

$240 plus shipping

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