29" TPU tube?

I’m trying to find a 29" TPU tube with a Shrader valve. All the TPU tubes seem to be using Presta valves.
Does anyone have recommendations for a 29" TPU MTB tube?..this is to fit a 2.5"-3" Muni tire.
If I can’t find any Shrader valve TPU tubes…can i use a Presta valve TPU tube on a rim that is now using a Presta valve tube?

Brass Presta Valve Adaptor (Pack of 5 + 10 Caps) - Convert Presta to Schrader for Bikes, e-Bikes, e-Scooters and Cars - Inflate Tire Using Standard Pump or Air Compressor by Mobi Lock https://a.co/d/6NIGtUP

Never used one, so I cannot speak for them. Just wanted to share.


There are little adapters you can fit into the rim to adapt the valve hole diameter. like this You can get away without them in a pinch, but long term, the tube can rip along the valve.


I had my own TPU tubes made with a Schrader (car) valve in sizes 20", 24", 26", 27.5" and 29". They are suitable for 2.4" - 3.0". They are on their way to me and should arrive the week after next . The weight of the 29" Tube will be around 100g.

As soon as it is available, you will see it on this page: