29" Schlumpf Geared Unicycle where to buy in UK ?

Hi all, just asking a question - anyone knows where to buy a Schlumpf Geared Unicycle 29" in UK ? Preferably South East of England.
Maybe someone can build one for me …:smiley:

Probably best to call or email unicycle.uk.com. Although they do not list that they have it, they may be able to build one up as a special.

Thanks mate, that what I was thinking as well :wink:

As far a I know, there are no more Schlumpf hubs left on the market. And the new generation schlumpf hubs won’t show up before late summer or fall.


Ooops, probably because everyone wants to ride faster :D, any suggestions where you can look around for some second-hand ??? (in Europe)

I remember seeing a Schlumpf hub on a 29in wheel and a complete KH 36 with Schlumpf for sale on the french unicycling forum.

Depending on where you are in Europe, it can make it manageable (or be an excuse for some vacation in France :smiley: )


Chmm, maybe this is good idea check out French soil :roll_eyes: but they speak French… :astonished: OK I will swim across the channel:p

You may be some days late … … but maybe it isn’t sold for some reason …

Here for French forum : http://forum.monocycle.info/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12389

Schlumpf hub is not available at CDK French shop, neither at Municycle and Ajata in Germany

I thought CDK do still have complete KH gunis - http://www.cdk.fr/schlumpf-29-3453.html - it’s listed as available.
CDK also bundle it with an HS33 Magura rim brake I believe.


1655.59 euros seems to be reasonable price :sunglasses:

Thanks for digging :smiley: Late summer new one coming up from Florian…

uffff, decision time :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Don’t hold your breath for the new hub.