29" Road Unicycle

Selling my 29" Road uni.

Pics can be seen here:

Make me an offer.

It’s good to know what is going to be for sale in the near future. All I have to do is watch your latest project and wait a bit. :smiley:

What can I say, I like to build them more than ride them. Quite an expensive habit.

I’ve got an eye for another one, but we’ll have to see what happens…

Dibs on the Oracle and Flansberrium :smiley:

Stone cold.

Idea of how much you are looking to get? (FREE BUMP)
Looks like something I could use but depends on price/value.

LOL! You can have the Oracle. We’ll arm wrestle for the Flansberrium. :wink:

You’d really take your KH over my Oracle? The audacity.

You cats are funny though. If you guys only new what I had rolling around in my head right now…

I have about a grand into the build. Was trying to get $650 for it, but since it’s sitting around I’ll do $500 + shipping.


I’m guessing on a penny for muni, all sclumpfed up :roll_eyes:

Anywhere near ???:smiley:

Not really, but that’d be tight.


$450+shipping buys it.