29" or Coker

I’m wondering if I should buy a 28"/29" or a coker and if a 28"/29"
what model. I’m looking for something to go on 2 mile cruises and keep up with my 6 and 4 year olds on bikes on relatively flat bike paths. I can freemount on a 24" but am pretty much a novice. I am over 6" and this will probably be the last unicycle I buy. I am also concerned about maintenance and reliability.
Thanks for you input.

If it’s truly your final unicycle purchase (although I ask how is that even possible??) then get the Coker and learn how to mount and ride it.

Agreed. A 29 is too close to a 24 for it to be your ‘last’ uni

(although I bet it won’t be your last one :wink: )

I have both a 29 and a coker, I’m always finding myself on the coker. I’m just a level 1 + rider and I can freemount the coker. It has a kris holm seat and pinned pedals. The pedals are great for the slippery Or. weather. The 29er is nice but the coker is in a class of its own.

Re: 29" or Coker

If you want to keep up with anyone on a bike…small or not…you need to get the Coker. Get the Coker. And once you have it, don’t constrain your horizons to “2 mile cruises”. Search on Mike Fule. Read the Gospel. Free your mind Kilroy…

You should have no problem keeping up with your kids on a 29" with 125mm cranks for 2 miles. The 29" is maneuverable, easy to idle and freemount, easy to transport in a car, and there’s a good selection of frames, tires, and wheels. I found the transition from 24" to 29" to be very easy.

I bought a Pashley, however I think some of the newer frames (like the Yuni) represent a better value. I have not had to perform any significant maintenance or repairs on my Pashley since I got it 2 years ago.

A Coker wheel does not fit in a 29" frame. I assume the other way around will be fine. In other words: buy a Coker, because a smaller wheel fits when you want to change. You only need another rim and spokes (and maybe you can use the old Coker tyre as fender, a pity there will be no reflective material on it). I don’t know how stiff the fork is with respect to a Nimbus II 28" . Does somebody knows?

Putting a 29" tire on a coker

Has anyone tried this? I was wondering if a Kovachi Wheel with a 29 X 2.1 tire would work? What size cranks would you use?

It would look pretty funky. I want to see pics.