29" Muni Tire

I recently purchased a KH 29" from someone on this forum, and it came with a Schwable Big Apple tire. I’m interested in a mountain tire. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Is it really so hard to use the search function?

I never understand why people who don’t like answering questions don’t just not answer them…

Some people are too grumpy about the search function but the original poster will get more out of the 26 pages that Eric linked to than anything he could have said. Also once one learns to use the search function they can ask questions on existing threads and keep the information together in one spot for the next rider.

‘There’s a great thread on this - <link>. And btw if you haven’t discovered the Search function yet, if you are logged in it’s on the blue bar next to ‘new posts’.’

I’m new, and didn’t discover the ‘proper’ search function at first because it doesn’t show unless you are logged in, and also because I was misled by the almost useless ‘Google custom search’ box at the top of the page. It didn’t occur to me that there might be a second actually useful search function as well. Im glad I didn’t ask any questions of interest to angry people.

Read the information in the thread linked above, but remember that tyre choice is quite a personal thing. A lot depends on your weight, riding style, personal preference and the trails you ride.

It might be worth popping in to your local bike shop and finding out what local bikers use, though since you only have one wheel go for the more ‘hardcore’ version. Bike tyres often have a range suitable for Xc, Enduro or DH. So if locals use the Xc tyre get the Enduro version and if they use the Enduro try the DH tyre. The thicker carcass will resist fold over and pinch flats better.

Actually, 26 pages of random opinions from random people is a terrible thing to try to get information out of. Especially since that thread was started six years ago and half of the tires mentioned aren’t made anymore, or have significantly changed since then. Probably 20% of the information in that thread is still relevant today and there’s no way for someone who doesn’t already know what’s relevant to sort through that.

That’s the point! With every new parallel thread on an existing topic it gets harder and harder for the next one to gather all the information he needs.

So, give that useful information with grace rather than a snarl and it takes the same amount of typing and doesn’t give the impression that newcomers are not welcome.

I’ve no idea where the other search function you’re suggesting is - but that’s fine because the Google custom search works great (it as as
implied powered by google).

I’d tend to be more tactful myself, but I can understand why people get grumpy about such FAQs on a forum like this - as pointed out if you get 20 different threads on the same subject it gets harder for the next person to find info (and if you’re want to discard old info, simply read the last year of long running threads). Using the search function is such a basic fundamental skill of using forums. It’s not like this is a new issue, but I do wonder whether it’s a growing one due to the ubiquity of Facebook, where a lot of the unicycling discussion has migrated to - that’s a useless platform for archiving info as it’s hard to find anything more than a week old and the search functions really are useless, hence topics get continuously repeated.

Do you don’t use the Forum Search facility on the blue task bar? It made all the difference when I found that. I’m usually on a small phone screen and the Google search fills more than half of the screen with paid ads and I only get about three forum results at a time. The forum search on the blue bar will search for threads or posts or by tag and gives a whole screenful of results, so it works better for me.

Tholob makes a good point that 26 pages of random opinion is not a good way to get information but I would point out that it is 100% better than this thread with no information on the topic of 29er muni tires:p. I would add however that I read threads I have found in the search function backwards in order to get the newest information. Then I don’t have to read the whole thing. And everything on here is pages of random information but I have learned everything I know about unicycling from this site and riding :slight_smile:

Ah, well that would explain why you don’t like it - I tried turning off my ad-blocker and even on a desktop the number of ads is irritating. Not normally an issue for me though!

This particular thread could have been more useful if the poster had included more specifics about the question; what kind of riding does he want to do, what are the trails like in his area, how much does he also want to ride it on roads, what year of KH29 is it (can it take a 3" tire?)?

The number of plausible 29er tires has exploded in the last two years, so it’s worth asking a question. But it should be more specific.

I would rather ask the question and (hopefully) get a prompt answer.

I have a hard enough time being on a computer, let alone weeding through 95% of the non-related posts in the thread. I’d rather be riding.

That being said, I’m running a Maxxis DHF 2.5" on my 29" and a Maxxis DHR 2.5" on my 26" and I think they’re both great. I’m riding “all mountain” leaning more towards the cross country.

Forum politics aside (:)) Kris Holm 29s come with a 3" Surly Knard now. That seems like as good a starting point for muni as any unless you have other information that you haven’t shared. One concern would be whether it fits your frame. Seems like I remember that some KH frames were re-sized for extra tire clearance not too long ago. Maybe someone can say whether that applies to the 29" frame.

Surly published the mounted dimensions of that tire if you should want to measure.

Reports are that the dimensions of that tire on a 47mm KH rim are basically the same. On the older 38mm rim, I assume it would be more like a Velocity P35, or about a millimeter smaller each way. HTH.