29" kris Holm unicycle UK

I have a 29" kris Holm unicycle for sale I was asking £450 for it or a trade of a 36er. This unicycle was brought for c2c last year and was perfect for that ride however now I have very little use for it so it is not being used I have got pictures of it and will publish them later. This unicycle has very little scratches on it and is like new the unicycle will also come with a brake and a spare inner tube
Please get in touch if you are interested.

hi william,
sent pm w/ my email address for photo sharing etc.


pictures of the uni

email me if you want to see the unicycle i cant figure out how to attach the images I might of done it but if not just email me.

my email is ws9393@gmail.com

thanks will

krisholm (1).zip (8.3 MB)

Here is the pics from the zip archive attached and resized for posting here :wink:

Thanks Siddhartha Valmont for putting the pictures on for me