29 inch Nomad too big for inclines and technical turns?

In my quest to get a faster/bigger UNI, I’ve come across the Nimbus Nomad, which is a MUNI with a 29 inch tire. I realize riding around the neighborhood would wear down this tire quick, but it would allow me to ride around the park trails with my 5 year old son and possibly keep up with his speed. Do you think this MUNI would give me trouble climbing steeper inclines because of the size? I am still a beginner, so I am not looking to do any rock-hopping or anything. I just want to ride the average Mountain Bike trail without having issues. What do you experienced riders think? Should I go with a 26-inch MUNI instead? I guess that would be more versatile, even though it would be slower around the neighborhood. The link to the Nomad is below. Thanks.


what do you ride right now?

If you have a 24 there is really not all that much point in getting a 26 if you want to increase your speed and might as well go with the 29. 24 is already a great size for tech MUni.

If you are used to a 20 then a 26 is a great size for general MUni and perfectly usable on the road with short cranks. But if it is going to be a multi-use unicycle I would ditch the boat-anchor Duro 26x3 that most 26" MUnis come with and grab something nice and light but wide like a http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/TI283A09-Vredestein+Black+Panther+Tire+Folding.aspx

Yes bigger wheels are harder to ride up steep inclines but roll over obstacles better and help with momentum. Don’t be scared to run up a hill if it means riding down the other side.

I ride a 29". Steeper hills are a little bit of work at first, and used to involve some dismounts, and walking up. With a little bit of practice they get easier though, just speed into them, and keep your butt on the seat. The 29 is great for Mountain Bike trails, and is probably the funnest thing I’ve ever ridden for Muni.

29ers are great for non-technical or lightly technical trails; definitely more fun than a 24" on that kind of terrain, and noticeably faster.

Hills are mostly about your strength and technique; you can climb pretty much the same stuff on a 29er as you can on a 24" with a little practice.

Right now all I have is a 20-inch trainer. So going to a 26-inch should be a noticeable increase in speed. It will definitely have to be a multi-purpose UNI for a while, because I think I can only afford one new UNI per year… :smiley: At this point, since I have only been riding for 6 months, I’m not sure where I will be riding the most in another 6 months. Knowing that would help make the choice, but I can’t predict what me or my son will be doing next week, much less in half a year. I know I plan on riding some form of UNI for a long time, but who knows if it will be more street or more off-road, more distance or more technical. Ideally, I would have a 20-inch TRIALS UNI, a 26-inch MUNI, a 29-inch MUNI, a 36-inch road UNI, and a giraffe. But, since I don’t play the lottery, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. lol

Might buy a Nimbus 26-inch MUNI and then ride it until the tire is fried. Then I could get a more ‘all-around’ tire that is decent for both on and off-road riding.

That’s the route I’m on - watch the local classifieds! My 26x3 tire is now fried, and I have the giraffe. I’ll have to look for the tire that Saskatchewanian suggested and see how it goes with a smaller tire. I do love the 3" for drops though.

In general I’d agree with Sask, but don’t know if I’d recommend the Black Panther. I’ve had one on my 26" for a few months now. The good is that it’s light and fairly high volume. As low pressures it’s fine for hardpacked dirt and rolls well. The low knobs mean it doesn’t have much traction when climbing on anything loose.

At high pressure on road the raised, linked center tread makes it fast but a bit unstable. It constantly leans to one side or the other. I was disappointed because I’d hoped it would be a good on/off road tire.

Overall I prefer my Continental Trail King 2.4, which has more volume, better grip off-road and isn’t too bad on pavement.

Thanks. For the type of riding I will probably do over the next 6 months, the Continental Race King might be a better choice. It is a cross country tire and the tread would probably hold up better for the on-road portion of my riding.

OK maybe I shouldn’t have suggested the Panther since I still haven’t tested it. I have been really happy with the Vred Bull Lock I have but with the widely spaced centre tread it’s pretty buzzy on hard surfaces. Figured the Panther would be similar but with better hard (road) conditions rolling. and what can I say, they are pretty inexpensive right now.

I still wouldn’t bother waiting until your Duro wears out to do a tire swap. It is a good tire in some offroad conditions, especially rough downhill but in my opinion the stiff sidewalls really slow you down in most other conditions and it makes riding on easier trails a chore compared to lighter more pliable tires.

I got the Nomad and had some trouble turning and though the tire was heavy and sticky when ridding on the street. A friend turned me on to the WTB Nano Raptor tire and man now its great!! Its tons faster and the treed is lighter and more curved so it handles better. It also handles the light trail like the type you are talking about with no problems. I’m learning that tires are a big deal.I’m keeping the Stout for when I get better and want to jump stuff :sunglasses:

I’d go for the 29 over the 26, but either would be fine. The larger wheel will be slightly hard to climb with for a few hours, but it doesn’t take long to make the change. On steep sections, it is usually a bump that stops me, so I appreciate the extra diameter. Though if you have an extra-wide tire on a 26 the difference isn’t that great.