29 inch inner tube

Hi I have a 36 inch nimbus. Can you easily put a 29 inch inner tube into this 36er? Or is it just best to get a normal 36er standard tube, or Foss tube?

A 29" tube is my personal preference.
Much lighter than a 36" tube, and less problematic than a Foss.
Your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

What do you mean, milage may vary?
Cheers, Roy

Pre-stretch the tube one night on the 36"rim inflating the tube a bit, without the tire.
Use a lot of talc on the tube before fitting the tire.
I use a michelin tube 170 gm vs 500-600gm for a 36er tube or 220gm for a foss tube.
Good luck


Generally, what works for one person may not be ideal for someone else. (Or vice-versa) :slight_smile:
(Sorry, I can see now that that may be kind of America-centric saying. It was originally a tag line from an old commercial for cars or gasoline or something like that, and has over time come to mean that everyone’s experiences may differ from others’.)