29" Frankenuni

(feeler) - I’m thinking about selling my 29" frankenuni. Coker 48 hole Superwide hub, seat (blue) and seat post. Torker 152 cranks. Sun Rhyno Lite 48 hole 29" rim. Nimbus Titan 36" frame. WTB Nano 2.1 tire. Nashbar platform pedals. The brake mount under the seat is not included. I built it to use on the road, but I have really become fond of the Coker and I have a N26 for the woods, so the 29" is hardly ever used. Looking for $200 plus shipping. Pieced together, the parts cost me almost $250 plus all the various shipping and this thing has less than 100 miles on it - all road.

P.S. The photo was taken when I built it this spring. Now it has a blue Coker saddle, black pedals and Torker 0 deg offset cranks.

48 hole super wide hub + 48 hole 29" rim = 1 strong wheel

I wish I’d seen this last week before I bought a used 28". I very likely would have jumped at this.

Is this still for sale? Can you check shipping to CT?
If shipping is ridiculous, depending on where you are and if we can work out a deal i’ll be in PA the 22-24 of this month.

We’ll start from the first question though. =P

where are you in CT? (zip)




updated photo

Here’s an updated photo with the Wellgo platforms, Torker 152s and blue Coker saddle.

wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. My birthday is coming up soon, so i should be able to scrounge together some money, but probably not enough in time. Had this been a month or two down the line, I would have had time to save up enough, (going to try and be a psych guinea pig). If this Uni is still up for sale by then, i’ll be sure to scoop it up. BUt for your sake, I hope it gets sold.

Interested, can you give me a shipping quote to Richmond, VA? Thanks.

If I did the calc right on the UPS site, it’s around $40.

PM sent