28er for sale

well you all knew it would happen and now the time has come. my Rowing 28er is at auction.

pix are in this thread http://www.unicyclist.com/auctions/item.php?id=eeb7c09d87734c9239bc63224adad690&SESSION_ID=2103eb2ff6aa7b88b4a689b843d5c040

the auction is here http://www.unicyclist.com/auctions/item.php?id=eeb7c09d87734c9239bc63224adad690&SESSION_ID=2103eb2ff6aa7b88b4a689b843d5c040

PM me if you have any problems with the auction, last time there was a few glitches that Gilby fixed quickly.

[i]Description: Bizzard frame 28er for sale.

Torker/KH seat
alloy FMF seat post (cost me 45 bucks)
Salsa Delgato-X rim 36 hole.
dt 14/15 spokes
UDC hub
nimbus X 127mm cranks
Wellgo pedals
michelin Kevlar belted tyre and another plus a brand new red Kenda Cross 700x38 included (thats 3 tires coming with this)
a SH rail adapter/seat stiffner.[/i]

Man, that was quick. I think you like tinkering more than unicycling.:smiley:

yeah thats the best part, and i like boxing things. :slight_smile:

really though i just bought a new unicycle and this will be how i pay for most of it.

What’d ya get?

When ya sellin’ it?

ah? now.its in the auction right now.

I had an opportunity to ride this piece of art and I got to tell you it’s a fine ride, fast and nimble, very stable and rock-solid. For the road I like it better then my 29er with the nanoraptor. If this doesn’t sell at auction I will try to talk Jagur out of the frame and seat post but, it would be a shame to break up a great ride, so someone buy this thing before it gets parted out.

How much for the pedals?

How much for the inner tube?

the pedals are $450, i pay shipping. :roll_eyes:

Geez! $450!!! That’s too much for the entire unicycle.
Was that a typo?

no it wasnt a typo, it was a joke. you dont really read threads from top to bottom do you? im not going to sell just the pedals while an auction is active for the whole damn thing you moron.

you pulled the same dumb ass crap in my last “for sale thread” too.

pound sand loser.

Flash back from the former thread: “You know - next time, I won`t give you a chance to redeem yourself.”

You failed to see that I was joking when I asked about the pedals in the first place.
I thought that blackwood was going to ruin it for me by stretching it

  • but you still didn’t pick up on the parody :smiley:

You called me a “loser,” and in a sense “lost” to me . . .
I wonder what poor sap is going to “lose” to you by spending way too much on a unicycle - that even you don’t want. :astonished:

the reason i didnt pick it up either time is because your humor sucks. You could’nt crack a good joke if George Carlin wrote one for you and we spotted you the applause.

heres the extra two tires that come with it. the red Kenda Kross Supreme is brand new.


its looking good for you.

i dont think im going to use the auction site anymore. its got to many glitches and doesnt generate as much interest like a " for sale" thread.

not one question about the SH rail adapter? its like no one really looked at it.

That is strange. I’d think that’d be a great seat combo for a Coker. The whole length of the seat base is stiffened so it’d be a strong seat for climbing. Probably not the best design for SIF jumps, but on a Coker or similar unicycle that wouldn’t matter. It looks like a great seat setup.

so did you acually see it and not comment? my first email back to SH about was how i thought the Coker/ roadies would love it since all those holes could transfer to attachments.

i put it on the 28er to spice it up for the sale but now i can say im glad i still have it and will be putting it on the Hunter MUni. no ripped out bolts for my kh seat.

I saw it and thought it was a very interesting and functional design. I just neglected to comment on it.