28" Sun - How is it?

I want a unicycle that can get me places, but for relatively cheap. The 28" Sun is ~$120, and a 36" Coker/Radial is ~$350. I want to go fast. Is the extra speed traveled/distance covered of a Coker worth the extra ~$230? Would I be better off getting a 28" with a seat upgrade and smaller cranks?

I probably won’t ever be commuting more than 10 miles, and I’ll be moving away to college in a year. I’m thinking that I want something that is versatile, and I know that the versatility of a Coker has been debated both ways, so I’m interested to see what kind of replies this gets.

How about a 29er?

the sun28" is on backorder… :frowning: i know cause i ordered one a few weeks ago with a few other unis and it did not come in with the others… i hope it comes in soon though… does anyone else know about this??? and if so when do you think they will be shipped? sorry to hijack your thread.
also you can make the sun28er into a 29er… just search and you shall find :slight_smile:

I have both a Sun 28 and a Coker. Love them both, but I haven’t been riding the Sun since I got the Coker. If you go distance, then a Coker is worth it. Check out this thread.

i made this thread along time ago… dont mind the price… i got it somewhere else