28" semcycle for sale

I am selling one of my beloved unicycles, sigh.

Here is the description.
Semcycle XL
-28" wheel (includes spare tyre)
-Modified viscount saddle with a handle to accommodate a brake lever (gear
change friction style) and room for a cycle computer
-calliper brake (for those steep downhills)

The price is set at $490- Australian dollars, buyer pays freight.
If the buyer picks it up then they can have it for $470- (cash only) as I am
currently feeling too lazy to pack it and post it.

I am in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

First in best dressed.

Wayne van Wijk

Wanye. Have you read my thread in Just Conversation on My Semcycle Giraffe Unicycle Part 2. Getting a exchange on it. With a free Muni with it. (Hope so)



Unfortunately a 28" is 8th on my wishlist. Even though it’s so low on there I still really, really want one. I’ll ask Rockley Boothroyd who I go riding with. He just made himself a 26" muni but may be interested in your 28". He said he wants to ride to work. I’ll get back to you.

Would you care to join us on sunday afternoon for a group muni ride on Mt. Cootha? Do you know of anyone else interested? Would Damien or Nathan be interested? We’ll probably (hopefully) have Me, Gary, Rockley, his son James, Alexander (who is 7-ish and owns your 16"), and Jemba (the same age). And maybe Trish.

Please join us!


Re: 28" semcycle for sale

On Thu, 1 May 2003 04:43:44 -0500, andrew_carter
<andrew_carter.mquxz@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Unfortunately a 28" is 8th on my wishlist. Even though it’s so low on
>there I still really, really want one.
That’s impressive Andrew. I would think you have the longest
uni-wishlist of all of us!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Re: Re: 28" semcycle for sale

I avoid making wish-lists… once the list is down a little voice starts saying,

…and it’s all downhill from there…


Re: Re: Re: 28" semcycle for sale

That indicates a lopsided wishlist… oh but you don’t have one!

Klaas Bil

Here’s a copy:

Unicycle Wishlist

Homemade 24” Ultimate Wheel
Seated Hand-Driven Unicycle
GP 20” Standard Trials
Coker 36”
GP 8’ Giraffe
20” Freestyle
Suspension Recumbent Unicycle
28” with uni.5 Hub
5’ Giraffe

Currently Owned

24” x 3” Custom Muni
20” Freestyle/Trials
24” Homemade Impossible Wheel

Hey, good point! :slight_smile:

The way I see it, I’ll just not buy a car for ages. It sounds like a lot of money’s worth (and it is) but it’s less than what a lot of people would spend on a car. It’ll take a while but someday I’ll have it all!


i’m interested.
i sent you a mail, wayne.

Re: 28" semcycle for sale

There are now pictures and details at