28" Qu-Ax Cross

I’ve a 28" Cross which I got last March or April for Ride the Lobster. It’s in fairly good condition - the tire treads are still mostly there (you can see the + and - on the knobs even) and I’ll throw in a brand new saddle that came with the Qu-Ax Profi (http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/manufacturers_id/1/products_id/823) although truth be told, a gel seat is still best for distance riding.

The frame has a hole drilled for a brake but the brake I have is too short so it was never used - I don’t know if there are any brakes that would match it. There are also 2 mismatched spokes because I broke 2 and never found black ones to replace them with. The seatpost that it currently comes with is not reinforced like in the picture and is cut so that I can reach my pedals (I’m 170cm). The lack of a reinforcement plate also means you can use a pi bar handle with it. or any other handles that attach to the seatpost. It comes with 100mm cranks.

I’m based in Singapore which obviously makes it expensive to ship to anywhere but nearby but I’m heading to Unicon so it’s preferable if you could collect it from there. I’m looking at US210 for it or NZD$280.

I’ll get photos up once I get my camera back but if you’re interested and have specific parts of the unicycle you want photos of, drop me a PM.


Here’re some close up pics. Uhm, I should add that I will clean it up and polish it before selling it. These are post-ride pics.