28" Nimbus

I’ve just got a 28" Nimbus from unicycle.uk.com
Cheers to Roger for helping me out with my questions and for getting the Nimbus to me quickly.
I’ve put DX pedals on it (again from unicycle.uk.com) which make it harder to readjust my feet, but are really good in the wet.
All the time spent riding my old 20" uni seems to have transferred well to the 28" as I could free mount after 20 mins, thats using the jump mount, not roll back; it’ll be a while before I can free mount consistently.
Hills are hard, but I’m improving.
It goes really fast and I seem to have a tendency to pelt along like a maniac, and constantly have to tell myself to slow down.
I can’t say how sturdy it is as I’ve only had it a few days, but it looks beautiful, rides well and its got a lightweight rim so it’s pretty manouverable- it weighs only slightly more than my 20"-er.
The wheel is actually a 700 c wheel, so there’ll be more tyre availability than with a true 28" wheel.:slight_smile:

Sounds great. 28 inch Nimbus is on my list to buy, after (or perhaps before) a giraffe, ultimate wheel, a 16, a 24 Max Traction and the new Coker Deluxe. ;0)

For mounting try this: the quarter to three mount. Put the cranks horizontal, with the pedal corresponding to your stronger foot forwards. Put weaker foot on the nearer pedal. I find using the instep helps. Shift to the ball of the foot once you’re mounted.

Now, put the wedding tackle lightly on the seat and hold the front of the seat with whichever hand seems natural. Stand on tiptoe on your stronger foot. Focus on that front pedal, then hop onto it putting no pressure at all on the back pedal. (This last bit is almost impossible, but minimal pressure on a small crank and big wheel will result in only minimal roll back.)

So, it’s a hop, not a jump, with the non hopping foot completely lazy. This gets you on with the pedals at more or less quarter to three, which makes setting off easier with the lower leverage available from the short cranks and big wheel.

Works for me on the Coker and I’m finding it useful off road on the Muni too.

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onewheeldave <onewheeldave.6e6kz@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> It goes really fast and I seem to have a tendency to pelt along like a
> maniac, and constantly have to tell myself to slow down.

Nah! Wrong reaction. Faster, Faster, Quicker, More, Ouch! :->


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> which make it
> harder to readjust my feet

harder to read just my feet.

ok, that was silly
Trevor andersen

That is the mount that I’ve been using, quarter to three is a good descriptive name for it. It seems a lot more versatile than the roll back mounts, especialy for mounting while facing uphill.
Recently on my 20" when trying to mount on really steep hills I’ve been tending to a ‘ten to four’ variation where the back pedal is higher than the front, it works well but theres a fine line which, when crossed, results in the back pedal flipping forwards past the 12 o clock mark, which is very unpleasent and throws you off.