28" Nimbus Ultimate Wheel

These are getting harder to find now and I paid much more than I’m asking for it. It’s in almost perfect condition except the tire is worn in some spots. I’m looking to get $125 for it plus you’d pay for shipping, but if you’re interested please make an offer. Also very happy if someone wants to pick it up in person.

It was fun to ride, but with only so much time in the day, I’m choosing to focus on my smaller UW’s.

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@dreamisdestiny ,

I would like to purchase your Ultimate Wheel.

I already own one, but yours is the color I prefer.

I have an idea I would like to offer you and the forum members.

If anyone wishes to own a 28” Ultimate Wheel, but is more interested in a metallic gray version with green pedals, then I will buy the blue/white UW from @dreamisdestiny , and then will send mine to whoever would like to purchase mine for the same price.

Lastly, if anyone prefers the blue/white UW being sold by @dreamisdestiny , then please claim it as yours and coordinate payment and shipping with him. Please do not interpret my offer above as a “claim” on the blue/white UW. I am only hoping to possibly create a win/win/win scenario for all involved. :slightly_smiling_face: