27.5 wheel muni wheel

Has anyone done a 27.5 muni wheel build?



Yes, on a UDC ORacle I am running a Hans Dampf “Gravity” on a Velocity Blunt 650b, tubeless, great muni set up.

Not the Blunt 35?

Yup, Blunt 35, 650b, built it a couple years back, it’s what I rode at the last couple munifests in VA; when I wasn’t on my 36er :).

I also have some Velocity Duallys that are waiting on a bike build, those will be shod with a B+ tire. The Dually is advertised as being 45mm, which will spread the tire out more, but in person it is not that much wider than the Blunt (more like 42mm vs 35mm). Given a choice, I think I’d go with a 50mm rim for a B+ muni, like the WTB Scarper.

I haven’t size it yet, but I think a B+ will fit in my UDC frame, though it’ll be a tight fit.

Someday Surly will get their stuff together and make the Rabbit Hole in 650b, then we’ll have a solid rim that’s just the right width.

I thought surly kind of scoffed at the idea of 650b. Wasn’t the 2.75 listing on the dirt wizard poking fun?

From Surly’s website:

“The original thought was we would only offer (the Straggler 650b) in the smaller sizes, but those of us in the brand that test road the prototypes (large and small) loved the ride feel of the bike so much, we wanted to make sure it was available for larger riders as well…”


“650b wheels strike a nice balance between the benefits of both 26” and 700c sizes. The smaller wheel allows smaller riders to fit well on smaller frames, produces a stronger wheel, makes fitting big ass tires easier and are more agile than their larger counterparts.”

YMMV but that seems positive to me.

Oh, so they just jumped on the wagon like everyone else.


Let’s not forget Nextie. Not the cheapest, but tempting!