27.5" Mad4One / Qu-Ax Muni sold

Muni has been sold


This sort of uni never comes up on the second hand market in Australia! Mid sized munis are very popular.

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Added photos of the actual setup as it’s being sold.

Is this available to be shipped to Los Angeles? Thanks!

That would probably cost more than the uni…

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If I take it apart, It would end up at around 84 euro’s shipping (not including any potential customs fees).

I might be wrong, in which case I apologise, but… I’m calling this out as spam given how recently @AllMeatPatty joined and how many posts he’s said the same thing.

I am looking to purchase a unicycle. My understanding is that this is the purpose of this section of the forum. Let me know if this is incorrect. Thank you! Mark, I will consider purchasing this and I will get back to you. Thank you as well.

You can also buy new! Unicycle.com and mad4one are two solid options. QU-AX is another.

It has been sold