26er or 27.5er for Muni?

After 7 years with a 24er Muni, I’m looking for a new one. Now I am faced with the big question: 26 or 27.5? What do you all mean? What do you prefer to ride? 26 inches isn’t that big of a difference to 24 inches. So I tend to prefer the 27.5. What is your opinion?

27,5. It’s the new standard and like you said. 24 to 26 isn’t that big of a jump. I think you will have more fun with a 27,5".

Go 27.5. :slight_smile:
If you are unsure on a track you can ride your 24”, and then when you are confident on a track and want to go faster, ride the 27.5. It’s also pretty manoeuvrable too. People also say 27.5 has a wider tyre choice….


That is a good suggestion, thank you Linda!

I went from 27.5 to a 26" :smiley:

What is better with a 26er?

26 to 27.5 is the same jump as 27.5 to 29 so why not go 29er?

I think the wheel of a 29er is too big for Muni…

I have a 26" fatty … and it looks like that the overall size is the same than a 27.5 … So ? the difference is just that 27.5 looks like a new “standard” :neutral_face:

Thank you!

This is a link to a photo of my 26er muni next to my 29er road uni .
you can see there is not a great deal of difference in size.

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Here’s an actual picture.

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It’s not necessarily too big. It’s just going to have some disadvantages compared to a smaller wheel. Some people do muni really well on 36ers. A 29er is going to be slightly less maneuverable, have a slightly higher center of gravity and will give you slightly less headroom for clearing branches. We’re only talking about an extra inch however. If what you do is cross country then a 29er is an excellent choice. For more challenging riding a smaller wheel will have the edge.


I had the same decision to make. Your profile says you already have a 24” Oracle and a 36er.

Here is a photo of my 24” Koxx with a Duro 24x2.6 Leopard tire (It measures 25”), compared to my Oracle 27.5+ (it measures exactly 29.25 inches).

I went with the 27.5+, since 26” is not much of a difference vs the 24”, AND since the Oracle 27.5 frame was designed to accept the Duro Crux tire that measures 29.25”, it will also take a 29” wheel, as long as the 29” wheel does not have the 29x3.25 Duro Crux installed.

So, my plan was to ride Muni with the 27.5 Duro Crux, and to build a 29” wheel with a Maxxis Hookworm 29x2.5 to use as a road wheel.

That is my perspective. If you wanted a little more flexibility (and size), the Oracle 29 has the Duro Crux 29x3.25, which should measure close to 30.5”.

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Thanks, this picture is very helpful!

Thank you very much!!!
This is a very good plan!
I am thinking about doing the Same…
Which 29er Wheel sizes will fit in the 27.5er frame? Your 27.5er has actually a 3.25er inch wheel, has‘nt it?

Yes, the Oracle 27.5 now comes with the Duro Crux 27.5x3.25 tire.

You know, you can’t really compare rim sizes if you don’t take into account the width of the tire and the volume it has.
The 27.5" that I had was running a 27.5 x 3.0 high volume “Maxxis High Roller II” tire. I estimate it to be well over 4 inches high. The total circumference of such a tire is similar to a regular 29".
The same goes for a low 26 compared to a high 24".
Personally I didn’t really felt the big 27.5" was the one for me since it feels like a tractor while doing really precise twists and turns. I want something which is more close to the 24-er, but with a little more speed and less rolling resistance when riding rough terrain.
So I went for a 26-er with a 2.6" wide Magic Mary tire.
But if I would just focus on cross country, the 27.5-er with a lighter tire, or even a 29-er would be the better choice. It rides well, but I prefer to ride trial-like stuff, and therefore my preferred muni is a little different :wink:


Thank you for your opinion. That makes sense and is good to know.

Do you think for 27er (challenging Muni) is a 3.25 tire the best?