26 x 3: The Forgotten Gazz

My last few rides I have taken my 26" Hunter to the MTB trails. It’s a nice change up after spending alot of time on the 24".
Of course the 26 x 3 is heavy and I can’t hop as well with it, but man is it fast. Even with the 175mm Profiles, it really moves. Weight aside, the 26" is still pretty nimble for me, it was my first serious MUni, so I feel at home on it and have been having a blast.
I’m know the 24 x 3 has become more or less the standard MUni tire, and I love it as well but, I’ll never get rid of my 26. :smiley:

I ran into a few downhill guys the other day and saw a cool tire that might be really good for Muni. It was a Michelin 26x3 with a verry small directional tred. The thing was as big as a Gazz with a nice side profile. If anyone is looking for a big 26 it would be worth checking out