26 x 3 inch street tire

Hi Everyone
I am searching for a good 26 x 3 inch street tire for all around street riding and street trials. I need a 3 inch tire because I am a big man and need the tire volume. I am currently running a “Kenda Flame” Cruiser tire, but I am looking for more sidewall strength. Any suggestions? PG please.

As far as I know all the 26x3 slicks are cruiser tires with not-too-great sidewalls.

I have a 26x2.5 Hookworm which I think is a great tire. Maybe not quite as volumus as a 3" but a very smooth tire with great sidewalls and wrap-around tread.

+1 for the maxis hookworm
Great tyre.
To me feels bigger than 2.5

Ride a duro until it has no tread… nearly there myself.

I am 200+ and ride a 2.4in tire fine