26"× 3' - 3.5" muni tire?

Hello, I’m looking for a slimmer muni tire to replace my 4.8" fat tire on my 26" Hatchet.
Any recommendations for 26"× 3" - 3.5" tire options?

You may have a look at this list to get some ideas:

I don’t ride any 26er but I have had some experiences with Maxxis Minion DHR Plus & WTB Ranger on my 29ers. The first one is really good for DH, while the second one is better for not-so-hilly XC.

  1. Surly Dirt Wizard 26x 3.0 (ideally you ride it on a 45mm wide rim)

  2. Surly Nate 26x 3.80 (yes ist 3.80") i just love this tire

How wide is your rim? I suspect that 3" tires will not be possible at all

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That Surly Nate 26×3.8 looks perfect!
Do you think it is ok to mount on 80 mm rim?

it should go, surly lists it. But I can’t tell you anything about the driving characteristics with 80mm, because I’ve only ridden it on 45mm rims.


Yes it will fit! The specs say that size is good for 50-100 mm rim widths.
Just ordered it… thanks for your help :+1:


I think the problem with going much smaller than 3.8" would be that you’d end up with a very flat tire profile and likely have camber issues.

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Yes that’s true. I’ll go as slim as 3.8" with the 80 mm rim.

I put on the Surly Nate 26 × 3.8 tire today.
Wow! This tire is awesome!
Coming from a North 45 Dillinger 5…the Hatchet feels more nimble and responsive now.
Didn’t try any trails yet but doing pendulums are a lot easier…as well as hopping, turning and just riding.
Almost feels as responsive as my Nimbus Oracle 27.5" with 2.6" Maxxis Minion DHF tire.
The Hatchet still has the fat tire look that i like but handles so much better.

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Glad to hear that. I was also on the road with this tire yesterday. It’s just a pleasure to drive

Yes thank you for the recommendation.
Really a great riding tire! It was hard to find online …it was sold out everywhere in the North America.
I kept looking until i found 1 local Montreal store that had 1 in stock.

Yes that is really a problem. It’s also sold out in my shop and my supplier doesn’t know when it will be back in stock. I found a good replacement called “Wolfrax Framed”. It also handles well, but overall the Surly is better

Now at $40
edit: sold out

That’s a great deal for that price!:+1: