26" Nimbus Unicycle for sale, includes extra tires

Looking for a new home is a black, square shouldered, Magura brake era (e.g. non-disc and currently brakeless…but it does have a braking surface on the rim and mounts for Magura hudraulic brakes), Nimbus 26.
Hub is ISIS, cranks are 150mm, tire is a Leopard and I am also including another Leopard and a Surly Extra Terrestrial.
It is excellent condition for it’s age, asking $250 (or make me an offer :).
I will get the photos up shortly.
I can ship it in the US, likely via Parcel Monkey, which is cheaper than USPS.

I might be interested. I live in WA state though. I’m a little new, what do you mean by magura brake era?

The frame is setup for rim brakes is what he was referring to

It has neither a hub with a disk mount, nor a frame with a disk brake mount, rather Magura rim brake mounts on either side designed for use with HS11 or HS33 brakes.

If you want a disk brake UDC sells a mount. I have one on mine and works fine. There is aset up for maguras on ebay under Kris holme. You probably will not need a brake for some time. Snag this before someone else does kim telling you these are strange times and good unis new or used are hard to come by. Note I have no gain in selling this uni, just don’t want a new rider to pass up a good buy.

And in this case, a replacement disk hub (plus wheelbuild) or replacement KH Spirit cranks would also be required.

I’m not trying to say in any way that this is a bad unicycle, quite the opposite - I think it’s an ideal unicycle for someone getting into MUni, but it’d be a bad choice for someone who wants to install a disk brake.


Once again I don’t have any stake in selling the 26 mentioned in this post, the seller seems willing to entertain offers. Now that you have some good info maybe you could chat with him and come up with a reasonable price. My thoughts are you can wait around for suppliers to restock or you could get riding now.
Now that everyone is using discs there has got to be a rider out there looking to sell a set of maguras brakes that are just hanging around doing nothing.

This unicycle has been sold! Thanks for all the interest :slight_smile:

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