26: Muni for sale

26: Muni.

  • Original Unicycle.com steel frame, pretty much everything else has been replaced.
  • Customer built wheel with Surly Rabbit Hole rim
  • Surly Knard 26x3 tire in good condition
  • Magura Disk brake with d-brake mount
  • Kris Holm T-Bar Touring/Muni Handle System
  • QX saddle
  • Kris Holm 127/150 cranks
  • Nukeproof composite pedals

Not sure how to price this so make me an offer. Local (greater Boston area) pickup preferred, but can ship domestic.

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Good morning,

I’m not sure how to price this either! My budget is $200 though. Any chance you would let it go for that? I’d love to see some pictures. I’m up in VT but have some friends coming up to visit, so they could probably pick it up.

Thanks for considering it!


Sorry, everyone. Was traveling and I’m not getting notifications for some reason which I need to figure out.

It’s not sold and I’m traveling again for a few days. And I’m thinking thought what I think it’s worth too so still open to offers.

I’m back. After some thought, I think $300 is reasonable given the customer wheel, seat, KH cranks and T-Bar, brake and good saddle.

Still available

Seems my pictures never uploaded. Well now they are. Still for sale and waiting for a new home. Make me an offer.

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Nobody wants this?!

Going on eBay tomorrow.

It’s listed… 26" mountain unicycle with custom wheel, KH cranks, brake, KH handlebar | eBay

Shippng seems stupid expensive, good old eBay. And who knows with UPS strike coming. If ya want a private sale, LMK.


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