26" Duro Wildlife

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to trade a 26x3" Duro Wildlife
tire for a 24x3" tire with a similar tread pattern.
Wear is at 70%.

Also needed: ONE black spoke for a 24" wheel.
( I snapped one yesterday.)

Preferred trade Tires:

Duro Wildlife
Nokian Gazzolladdi
Arrow racing wide bite
Intense DH
Halo Contra

A 24x3.2" Muni tire would be awesome if one of those exists.

Trev. Ev.

I have no need for a 26’’ tire, but I have a 24x3’’ IRC Kujo DH at home that I could get rid of. Very light compared to any other of the tires you listed. I rode one for years before I switched to a bigger wheel, I loved it! The one I have here has barely ridden at all, it was my spare. The only 24’’ uni I have only fits slick street tires. And I doubt I’ll ever switch back to 24’’ haha.

I’ll take pictures and PM you with a price once I’m back home on wednesday.

Does this mean 70% tread left? I have nothing to trade. What would it cost shipped to me?