26" capable of 4" width tires

Hi all, I am looking for an Uni capable of using 4" width tires.
Should be 26" but I could be convinced into a 29er.
Options are the Nimbus Oregon, Surly, Nimbus Oracle (dunno?) or whatever.

This is going to be used for hard winter snow/ice unicycling.

Offers and also suggestions very much welcome!

The Surly Conundrum frame is no longer produced so you may have a hard time finding it except second hand.

With the still in production, you have the Nimbus Oregon that can fit whatever tyre you want (including the 4.8 Big Fat Larry reported in this forum) and the Triton Triple frame (big clearance too but more expensive).

After that, you might get lucky with other regular frames (like a 36in frame) but your setup will be disk brake only and might look a bit more “home made”.

I would say go with the oregon. The oracle will not fit a 4" tire.

+1. The Oregon is the deal :slight_smile:

If you search a Surly, send an e-mail here : contact@cdk.fr

Thank you for this info. I would surely like to go for a Surly Larry 4.6 or even better a Surly Lou 4.8, but they are not offered in studded form. The bigger tire I have found so far that is studded is 4", the 45nrth Dillinger.
Yes I can stud it with some screws bet I like the standard studding better.
I would honesly try to go for a no-brake option or, if forced to, for a standard brake setup. I don’t really like disc brakes nor deem them necessary on an unicycle. That said the Oregon AFAIK only comes with a disc brake so I could be forced to get that.

Thanks for the info! I do not really like the looks of the Oregon TBH, looks a bit fragile to me (thouch it probably isn’t, mind).

Thanks, I’ll send you an email!

eMail sent. Also, well done with the Tux avatar! :wink:
I’m also a Linux fan.

That’s not me.
CDK is French best unicycle shop!
I think they have a Conundrum on the old web site before they switch to the new site on dec.13th.

When I contacted them a while ago as I was trying to hunt one of the last Conundrum in stock, I emailed them.

They told me that they have none in stock and they suppliers had no availability know. And as they are no longer produced, you only chance to fin d a brand new one is to find a shop that stocked some.

Try Municycle.com (German website). They had at least one when I place the order. Maybe you are lucky and they have another one (or you can curse me for buying the last one).

Whoops! :smiley:

I already contacted municycle.com. They just have a 24" in stock and I’m not sure I want one, in fact finding a 24x4 looks inmpossible, and they don’t make them studded, so there’s no point.

So I curse you :smiley:

You can buy the Oregon frame separately. In that case it will come with no brake. I think the Nimbus super-wide hub will fit it (not absolutely sure though).

It’s tempting… but I really don’t like the oregon TBH. I’ll try to source a Conundrum first.

The Conundrum will fit a 3.8"/4", but will only fit a larger tire (Big Fat Larry) if you modify the crown of the frame. A studded tire will further reduce crown clearance, so it’s possible that you’ll have to modify the Conundrum frame with a studded tire.

There is no such thing as a 4" tire for a 24" wheel, Surly made the Large Marge rim in a 24", but never made a tire to match.

Your best bet is an Oregon frame, it will also be the least expensive option at $160 USD. The Oregon will all fat tires currently in production.

Also, just a thought before you go and buy a fat tire, the 4.5-5" tires are an overkill for a muni and tend to worsen some of the fat tire characteristics that make riding a fat tired muni a challenge.

In other words, get a 3.8"/4" studded tire or a standard 3.8"/4" tire without studs.

Studs are only helpful for ice, studs will no help you in mud and snow.

Thanks for the info!
Yes the aim would be to build a snow / mud / ice unicycle with a 4" studded tyre (45nrth dillinger). Not more than 4", I agree that could be overkill.

I lready have a 3" Duro and that already grips OK on the snow, but steep snow hills are just a no-no, and ice is suicide.

After trying the 26" of a friend of mine I decided that’s my way. Ald since I am alread getting one, better already go for the big thing. I have no hurry tho, since I already have a 24"x3" muni which apart from ice and steep snow hills already does what I am able to do.

COuld also considering not getting a studded tyre but studding the tyre with screws. I’ve tried it and OH MY GOD it grip awesomely on ice, and it helps snow braing a lot too. But that would mean to have a snow / mud only uni which is not even capable for the occasional 10 meters on tarmac.

If you use the right screw you should be able to ride on tarmac. I have found the self-tapping (drill-bit tipped) metal screws work the best and stay sharp much longer than other screws making them wear much slower and also not drag as much on hardpacked snow.

EDIT: here is a more detailed post on using different types of screws for studding tires.

Thanks for that. How much do you think the tips of the screws should protrude over the tire rubber? I would think only a couple of mm would be ideal for versatility and ride quality.