26,27.5 or 29'' unicycle

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone in Australia had a unicycle they wanted to get rid of, fairly good condition for a good price? Preferably a 27.5 or 29 but would consider a 26 as well. Would be great if it was a nimbus oracle or KH but would look at others as well. I am in south east Queensland so shipping may be necessary.

Also, anyone in Australia with a KH handlebar set that they would like to sell?:slight_smile:

How about this one?

Looks like one of these.

BTW If you want a nice freestyle uni, this one in Curra on the Sunshine Coast appears to be a Quax Profi.

Nice wheel 48 spoke ISIS hub, double wall rim. Quality steel frame.

Thanks, but it looks like that unicycle is already sold.

I have bought almost all my unis through Gumtree or eBay. There are a lot of very ordinary ones but once in a while something good comes along. But you have to check often and be quick to act when the right thing appears.

That Profi is gone now too. Sorry I didn’t attach the link. At $50 it was good value. I got mine for $50 on Gumtree too. Some people are asking more for rusty pieces of junk.

You are absolutely right. I bought my 29” nimbus oracle new but my friend found his 24” nimbus 2 on gumtree. Most of the time they are just dodgy Aldi 20” unis. Did you find your big wheels on eBay and gumtree?

Even the Triton 36 came through Gumtree. I had been looking for a 36 for a couple of years and seen nothing. It came with a lot of extra stuff, a 29 wheel, extra tyres, two sets of Spirit cranks and discs, two sets of Shimano Saint pedals, handle bar, carbon fibre seat base and cost less than a brand new KH36. The seller had broken his collarbone in a b*ke accident and decided to stop riding the big wheel.

A basic KH 36 came up a couple of weeks later for $250. They are the only two 36s I have seen online.

The 29 was advertised on this site. The eSport is the only uni I bought new but I also recently bought a Nimbus 26 wheel for my road 26. The rest of my 16 wheels were through eBay and Gumtree except for the first one that was in a garage sale.

Wow! You have had some luck. Well if you ever want to sell one, I sure would be interested.

I spent a lot of time on Gumtree but the right unicycles came along when I really wanted them. I was starting to seriously consider a new 36 when the Triton came along.

There are a couple of KH unis on Gumtree from yesterday but smaller than you want. If I hadn’t recently sorted out my trials uni, one of them would have been gone last night.

I used to think nine unicycles was a good number but I definitely needed more. Some are second wheels that share a frame. Couple of Ultimate Wheels and a giraffe, 36, 29, 26 … Adds up quickly. Hoping to still be riding them all when I’m 78 but yes, one day a nice collection of unicycles will become available.