24x3": what are my slick options?

kenda flame
kenda kraze
kenda krusader
dyno fireball(same as kenda flame?)

any others?

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Dyno fireball is no longer an option unless you have access to rare old stock. I just found one if you live close enough in the USA. There is also the Hoggy G. I was quite dismayed when my 24x3" Fireball MU got stolen in December just before Unicon. I can’t replace the tire, I can’t afford to as well as them not being available any more. I liked the fireball with way more pressure than it said to use on the sidewall, so it behaved like a giant freestyle tire.

thanks for the info and the welcome. I think I was on this forum a long time ago, went to R.I.T. and had a first run nimbus 24" frame (back when kris holm unicycles didn’t exist, and the profile hub was the only splined hub). I want to get a KH 24" to replace that old one, and want a slick instead of wearing down a off road tire when i do trials.

that HoggyG looks great, I am looking for a nice tire to use as a pogostick most of the time.

Not a slick, but good sidewalls and great on pavement…

Felt Berm Master

Also, it’s $25, so it won’t break the bank to try it out.

Also have a look at the Felt Thick Brick. I saw it side by side with a Berm Master yesterday and it was the same size if not a little fatter. I’ve been riding the Berm Master on Jtrops recommendation and it is great.

so with all the unclear naming of 3" as a diameter, which of the tire named have the largest air volume/bounce ability? i’m liking the simplicity of the HoggyG if all else was equal, but would rather hear from people who have had these tires.

My berm master has good bounce, and large volume. In fact I think it has slightly more air volume than my Intense DH tire that I use pretty much for trail only. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I’m sure they are somewhere in the review thread that I linked. I can only assume that the “thick brick” tire mentioned earlier has the same casing as the berm master, so I think it would be similar.

I know this thread is kind of old but I was looking for 24X3" slick tires and came across this site in Germany so I thought I would share.


They seem to have a pretty decent selection. I have no idea if any of these are available in the states but for those in Europe or those wanting to pay shipping it is a good option.

I am ordering a 24X4.25" for a new uni project I am working on.