24x3 cruiser tires by Felt

I was at a bike shop today that carried Felt cruiser bikes. I saw that Felt has some 24x3 balloon style cruiser tires and even a 24x3 knobby cruiser tire.

The 24x3 tires are listed here.
The 24x3 balloon style tire is the Thick Brick. Available in whitewall or all black.
The 24x3 knobby cruiser is the Berm Blaster.

The Berm Blaster comes on the Felt VI 400.
The Thick Brick comes on several of their cruisers like the Felt Taxi or the Felt V12.

Look like good tires to try for those wanting a 24x3 that is pavement friendly. I haven’t tried the tires myself. The bike shop said they can order them no problem.

That’s all nice information JC, but why aren’t you answering your SARs mail?

Don’t make us come track you down Ferris…

Good info, John.

Has anyone tried these yet? The round profile looks good. I wonder what the pressure ratings are. My LBS should be getting back to me next week with some more info. If I end up being the first one to try one of these, I’ll give a report.

I see a Felt Taxi parked near my home on a daily basis and as a result I’ve been wondering for ages why nobody has mentioned using the Thick Brick on a unicycle! I guess now I’ll find out - thanks for posting the info :wink:

I love the poetic descriptions given for the bikes.

Any news about this tire, good or bad? It reminds me of the old Carlisle Agressor bmx tire. It’s only $30 in the 24x3.0 size.

It turns out that my neighborhood bike shop has these tires in stock. I went and looked at one today, and it seems like it might be a decent hybrid tire for pavement, and trail. It has a pretty round profile, and beefy sidewalls. it is rated for pretty low pressure, and so could be on the bouncy side. I might pick one up and try it out. My trail knobbies are getting worn down fast whenever I ride on pavement, and so it would be a nice tire to have for all around, and to preserve my trail tire.

I wish I was a better rider, and could really put it through it’s paces. I will write about it as well as I can, but without a lot of experience with other tires I’m afraid it won’t be really a good review.

I got one.

I got a Berm Master to relieve some of the road abuse my MUni tire is taking, and first ride was really nice.

I just cruised around the neighborhood, and it really handles well on the road. I don’t know if it really matters with a tire like this but you don’t even feel road crown, the tire tracks straight. It’s really bouncy too. I spent most of the time hopping curbs, and even at 2 bars it is very bouncy.

The knobs are old school, and somewhat shallow compared to the aggro knobs of the DH tires. I didn’t weigh it, but side by side with my Intense DH 24x3.0 it felt maybe a little lighter. I like it so far, I might take it onto trail to see how it does. I suspect that it will be a good cross tire, and not the best for trail.

im having troubles finding the tires on the site…but i noticed with a lot of those cruiser tires is that they’re insanley heavy…and the sidewalls can be pretty thin.

i like the looks of that tire posted, i may have to try it for street.

Hey Justin, what tire do you prefer for 24" street? One of these big 24X3 cruiser tires or something a bit smaller like the hookworm?

The sidewalls are pretty much as stiff and significant as my Intense tire. I have no idea if it is a two ply, or single ply tire, but it certainly has sidewall support. As for weight, it is heavy. Like I said in a prior post it doesn’t seem heavier than the Intense, and maybe even a little lighter, but the Intense is a heavy tire. I couldn’t believe how much heavier it was when I went from the 2.6 Kinetics. It doesn’t seem like it’s a big jump in size, but it really is. All that being said, this tire tracks straight, it’s nice and bouncy, and you don’t feel the knobbies. It’s a pretty smooth ride. I will report more after I ride it a bit. I should probably put the post in the review forum at this point.

Here’s a photo of the tire on my ride:

DAMN, thats nice. I love the look of the tire…

i love the hookworm for its weight, width, and slickness…
i rode the holy roller for a bit but the sidewalls were too thin and i didnt like it as much.

I have to agree that that tire looks way better on your uni than in the other photos. Looks like a sweet tire for dry conditions. If I ever get a 24 again I might have to try one out myself. Berm Blaster indeed :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much I will be able to really test it in conditions that aren’t dry. Colorado is a pretty dry place.