24vs26 Guni

Sounds like your in the same situation as me. So is the only option to order straight from Florian?

That’s what UDC recommended. You may be able to order one from one of the other UDC stores. I don’t know for sure. So, my patience is going to be tested :angry: . I don’t like waiting, but I am not going to have much choice. I am more impatient to get the money together. As a school teacher, money adds up slowly (it also doesn’t help that I’ve purchased 2 Torkers, 1 Nimbus, and 4 KH unicycles since last March:D).

if you buy straight from florian you don’t have to pay the UDC middleman- making it cheaper. Plus, any reputable bike shop will have the ability to get spokes cut to any length so you will be better off using them than UDC. Just take your hub, rim and the schlumpf instruction manual to the bike shop and they should be able to get your whole uni up and running in no time.

Thanks for the tip. Since I will be keeping my unGuni wheelset, I will have to order a KH rim from UDC, unless the LBS can order one.

Are you going to order right away? If so, I’m happy for you (and jealous). I’ll be curious how long it takes you to get the hub.

I don’t have the cash right now, so I’m gonna place my order later this month after the start of the next billing cycle for my Visa. I’m getting a healthy profit sharing check that will arrive in time to make the payment.

26" GUNI’ness

Hi all,
Thanks for an informative thread. I am in the process of building up a 26" GUNI, after ordering the hub directly from Florian. It took about 2-3 weeks from when I first emailed my order through to when I received the hub. Florian always answered my emails, and I can’t fault his service. I was lucky as my order coincided with the new batch of hubs being released, so I am not sure how hub availability will normally affect order times.

I had always planned to build my schlumpf hub into a 36er GUNI, but at the last minute decided to go for the 26" option. One reason for this choice is as I am going to travel with my GUNI later this year, and a 36er can be a pain in the butt to lug around.

My choice was also partly because of the abundance of different tyres in 26" size, and the fact that most of my riding is not super technical downhill. If I want to ride silly downhill lines, I’ll always have my 24" UNGUNI. :slight_smile: I also chose the 26" option over the 24" GUNI as I don’t really plan on running a 3" tyre on my 26", rather opting for max of a 2.4", helping to reduce the rotational weight of the wheel.

The full specs of my GUNI are: KH26 frame, KH rim, DT spokes, KH09 freeride saddle, KH adjustable seatpost, KH touring bar, KH 125/150 cranks, JC odyssey trail mix pedals and a HS33 Magura brake with steel braid lines. I am currently investigating getting a CF base made to the specs of the new KH seat base design, with threaded inserts similar to the Scott Wallis “derail” CF base. I have a friend who works with carbon fibre, and if the base works out then he may do a small batch for sale to the uni community (more on that later).

As for tyres, after chatting with my LBS I decided on the 2.4" Maxxis Ardent, which is a light-medium weight all round XC tyre with a pretty chunky tread pattern, without going overboard and losing too much to rolling resistance.

My GUNI should be up and rolling by Wednesday, after some wheel building hold ups. I will post some pics and a ride review soon. Can’t wait to start training on it for this year’s Monguni tour, should be a hoot!!!

Dan :smiley:

A long handle could be a hazard to itself (getting bent or destroyed), it could also be a hazard to you (tripping you or trapping your legs). In addition, if it slots into the ground nicely, the unicycle could catapult up and do some interesting stuff. Another reason to use a helmet. :slight_smile:

I have done some Coker MUni with a handle, and only used it on the smooth parts. But my experience with that is limited. Corbin Dunn seems very happy with his. At the moment it seems to be a pretty new area, so as more riders do it we’ll get more data from a variety of riders.

IMHO, handlebars are kind of like saddles in that there’s no “right” or “wrong” choice; it really depends on the riders’ experience and preference. Don’t give up on new equipment without giving it plenty of practice time, and be open to new ways of riding. My borrowed 29" Schlumpf with T-bar handle felt really strange and hard to control at first. But part of that was being unfamiliar with riding fast (on pavement) on the geared 29". Now I’m much more comfortable with it.

And I’ll just add that while I don’t have an opinon on handlebars for MUni, I find them essential for road riding. Massive comfort distance, which gets increasingly important with the length of the ride.

Not much, as it’s not really rotating weight. In other words, yes it’s rotating, but not enough to be noticeable. But it is weight; the penalty you pay for having the high gear when you want it.

I know what you mean about sticking to new things for a while to see if they work out. When I first got my 29, I thought that it was too hard to ride Muni. But after the adjustment period, I grew to really like it.

My apprehension about the handle is all the things you mentioned. Plus, I had a upd on my 36 and had the t-bar spear me in the back of my leg.

Yes, a 24" GUni will feel squirrelly relative to a 36". Louise really disliked hers and now I think she’s pretty much back to 36" riding.

I wouldn’t do it on a 24" or 26" unless you’re planning to ride it off-road. On roads, the 24" and 26" gears are pretty much useless.

A Whiney Moment

Thanks. I do plan to do some off road, but I am learning that I really like hilly roads. I was on a ride the other day. On my 29" I crapped out on about a 18-20% grade. If it is a short burst I can manage, but continuous, steep, climbs kill me. I have to stop and rest more often than I like. It’s more doable on the 24". Most roads don’t get that steep, but I like to find steep climbs. That’s my dilemma in choosing wheel size.

Over my life, there are 3 things I have resented about being female. 1. The onset of puberty (sucked as a teen). 2. When I need to pee outdoors (still sucks to this day). 3. Lack of muscle strength compared to men. If I just had a little more push. I have become stronger since I started unicycling last year, but I don’t know how much I can really improve at my age. I feel condemned to my limits. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I do feel grateful that I get to ride at all. So I have to choose between a 26" and a 29". Hmmmm.

You’re wrong!

Climbing roads on a 24" that’s set up for MUni is really not any easier than climbing them on a 29er. Climbing is mostly about weight and leverage, and if you’re using a MUni-capable tire and rim on your 24", it’ll probably be heavier than your 29er. It’s also harder to climb on a geared uni than an ungeared uni, partly because the hub adds 2 pounds of weight, and partly because the slop makes it just a little bit harder to maintain proper technique.

If your goal is mostly to ride on roads, I’d recommend a 29er over either a 24 or 26, and go with slightly longer cranks if you’re concerned about the hill-climbing ability.

Really, hill climbing comes down to technique and what’s in your legs. You will get better at both aspects as you practice. The main thing about climbing long, steep hills is that you have to give yourself a little bit of rest after each half rev. I call it the Funky Chicken, because that’s what it looks like–a brief pause at the balance point, followed by the next half rev. This works just as well on a 29er as on a 24.

I do the Funky Chicken often when off road and on very steep (steep to me) paved roads. I find that climbing up average grade roads on my 36" has helped me improve my climbing overall.

I assumed that the “slop” of the schlumph was only when changing gears. Does it feel sloppyish all the time?

Thanks for telling me I’m wrong. I really want to get stronger and sustain longer, steeper climbs.

I ride primarily off-road, and I find that I can climb best on the 29 (note: I have not ridden a 26). It covers more ground in a rev than the 24 and has less mass than the 36. My reason for leaning toward a 24 guni is to be able to crank along at 36er speed on single track! The 36 is fun on really easy stuff, but turns into way to much work when things get a little rough.

The Schlumpf is a little sloppy all the time, whether you’re in low gear or high. There’s some unavoidable backlash in the mechanism. You get used to it, and I’ve ridden other unis with loose parts which were worse to ride on. But it does make everything just a little harder.

26" guni muni is the way to go. I will be ordering the parts for one soon. Tire/rim choice is far better, and finding spare parts while traveling will be simple.

Tom is right though, if you are primarily going to be on the road a geared 29er will be a better choice than a 24 or 26.

Yup! She liked how it was easier to mount the 24 vs the 36, but she always felt she was slower on the geared 24 (in high gear) when compared to a coker. Plus, it does take more effort to keep the same speed in high gear when compared to the ungeared coker (The gearing consumes a few percent of your energy in friction).

FWIW, I just noticed a picture of her on UDC with her geared 24 in Madagascar:


cool :slight_smile:


Anything to add on 24vs26 for single track riding from Corbin?

IMHO, they are basically the same. The 26 has more tire options. I’m mainly riding my 24, since my 26 frame can’t fit the 3.0 tire, which I really like to ride with. But, the 26 with a lightweight tube and 2.5(ish) tire is quite nice and nimble. Mine has been out of commission; the hub is getting repaired. I only got to ride it a handful of times, but Jason H (meastro) and Miles also rode it, and they very much want a geared 26 now.


18-20% grade is a very steep road. I only know of one or two sections of road around here that are so steep. If you can manage them at all you are doing well.

If you really want to bulk up you could always take fluoxymesterone. No longer would you be little mbalmer, you bulk up and become a powerful unicycle riding machine. You would become MBALMER! :astonished:

Of course your doctor will probably advise against it.