24hour 2002 Nationals on MUni's

I remember seeing a picture of a bunch of guys who rode the 24 hour 2002 National championships on MUni’s in California. At the time, I thought the wheels where exceptional large, now I am thinking they were 36ers. Does anyone have any info or am I just looney and beginning to remember things that never were. Thanks

We had a team of 9 riders for 24 Hours of Adrenalin in 2002 at Laguna Seca, California. The NORBA Nationals were being held at the same time as the normal race - they had a slightly extended course, so we were out there riding with all the hotshots like Tinker Juarez. Read my post about 2002.

For the 2003 race, we had a team of 5 and a team of 7. Read my post about 2003.