$249 and 7 days later

my Summit uni has arrived.

i havent been able to ride it much since its hot as Hades (97F) and i woke up totaly hung-over today.the Summit made me do it.

so get my box and like one before the crank arm has busted though the side and been doing crank grabs for about a thousand miles.there was also a couple of chips in the orange paint,nothing worth a phone call but somone else might think so.

anyway i opened the box and did what i always do to new unicycles,I took it completely apart.everything was dry,like i figuered.there wasnt a trace of grease on any thread or medal on medal connection,i wasnt suprised.things from Taiwan are usally like this.

i was in my garage for about 3 hours listening to my Rod Stewert anthology,slamming beers and putting the Summit back together.every surface has its just reward of grease now.it was fun getting to play with a KH hub and cranks after reading about them,but not owning one yet.the cranx slide on and off like butter.so easy in fact that instead of rotating the tire for even ware,i’ll just rotate the cranx on the splines.

the KH seat that it came with (i asked for grey) seems stiffer than some others,it could just be that its new or maybe its got the plate in it like the newer ones are coming with now.

over all this is a great uni for the price,and a great uni just to have around for thrashing on from time to time.its hard to belive that i paid over $900 for a KH20 Pro model just last year,other than a few tooth paste looking welds and a few ounces in weight the Summit is very much the same uni.no Profile stuff to oggle over though.

Re: $249 and 7 days later

3 hours of Rod Stewert will do that… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

And I thought this was the “For Sale” post.:smiley: Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Did you find some 2mm spacers for the pedals?
I agree, this appears to be a deal to hard to pass up, I wish I had the money. For the price of a KH trials wheelset and $7, you get a frame, pedals, and a KH saddle, too.

not yet,i dont have any around that have a big enough inner and a small enough outer,i have to go to the hardware store.

one other thing i forgot to mention is the spokes needed a good bit of tightning.it was round and true,but about 10 of the 36 spokes were way to loose.

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